Asset Managers Face Up to a World of Opportunity and Challenges

Asset Managers Face Up to a World of Opportunity and Challenges

January 2022

In a recent article from Global Custodian, Irene Speridakos, Global Head of Investment Managers at BNY Mellon, shares some of the main trends currently re-shaping asset management today.

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Based on your client interactions, what would you say are the biggest disruptors or drivers for change in investment management right now?


Irene Speridakos: Technology – and in particular data – is going to play a huge role in the future of investing. Fund managers will need to utilize data in both how they develop products and generate returns. Successful fund managers will utilize data, asking for greater customization and improved transparency, high-quality data will be vital in helping managers deliver a bespoke service at scale – together with enhanced reporting capabilities.


Elsewhere, the importance of individual investors has increased exponentially and many of these allocators are seeking out higher returns. In order to achieve this, these individual investors are currently scoping out more complex products such as alternatives. Accordingly, we are seeing greater democratization of the alternative asset management space, having previously only been available to institutions. And finally, environment, social, governance (ESG) investing is becoming more mainstream in asset management, something which is being accelerated by investors – especially younger ones – who are eager for their returns to have purpose and bring value to society.

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Irene Speridakos

Global Head of Investment Managers,

BNY Mellon