Eagle Performance Measurement

A Performance Book of Record for Enterprise-Wide Needs

If you manage assets, you need to track performance—daily or monthly—for individual or groups of portfolios at various levels, such as security, sector and total portfolio level. Since accounting, pricing and corporate action data issues can significantly affect return calculations, you need tools that can monitor the calculation process, as well as identify, fix and recalculate inaccurate returns. BNY Mellon’s Eagle Performance Measurement provides a comprehensive solution.

A Single Platform

Stay agile and respond to market, client and regulatory changes. With real-time access to investment data, you can produce an enterprise performance book of record (PBOR) and support multiple business lines across global markets.


Our single-platform data hub eliminates the hassle of managing multiple performance system vendors and centralizes your performance measurement process across multiple back-office systems and functions:

  • Return Calculations
  • Benchmark Management
  • Attribution
  • Risk Analysis
  • GIPS® Composite Management
  • Retail Fund Performance
  • Performance Analysis Reporting 

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