Will History Repeat? Fed Policy and a Multi-Year Equity Rally

Will History Repeat? Fed Policy and a Multi-Year Equity Rally

September 2013

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BNY Mellon's Chief Currency Strategist, Simon Derrick, cites Federal Reserve policy shifts and the market's reaction in the 1970s and '80s as evidence that we may be poised for a global multi-year equity rally.

Information Anywhere, Anytime, No Problem

We have devices today that are more powerful, flexible and mobile than supercomputers of yore. This development is not lost on Suresh Kumar. "You literally have billions of devices used by literally everyone in the world," he says. The result is a public thirstier than ever for real-time information.

Suresh, BNY Mellon's Chief Information Officer, and his worldwide staff of IT professionals are focused on this. They are working to leverage innovations that not only lower costs for the company, but also enhance data security and access for clients. And in doing so, Suresh and his team help to ensure that the user experience is friendly by keeping the complexities of BNY Mellon's technology hidden.

Suresh finds the possibilities for improving the user experience for clients motivating. It's the reason he stays focused on new trends. He has on his radar a few trends that promise to help users make better decisions, as well as perform tasks and manage risks effectively.

Our job as technologists is to leverage all the technology changes that are taking place, but to hide the complexity and do it at a lower cost...

Suresh Kumar, Chief Information Officer, BNY Mellon

Three Trends Driving Information Technology

Suresh's objectives are informed by the following three trends:

  • Big Data – "This is about decision science," Suresh says, "leveraging data to make better decisions." He believes a real-time view of potential risks will help improve the way users service clients and perform work.
  • Pervasive Computing – With smartphones and tablets in billions of hands, there's an increased expectation among users to have the exact information when they need it at their fingertips. This is part of the effect Suresh calls "the consumerization of information technology."
  • Cloud Computing and Virtualization – Storing content and applications on servers we can access from anywhere gives us the power to complete tasks from wherever we happen to be. This dramatically reduces the time to do things. We can view and work anywhere with any asset uploaded to the cloud. "What would take days, can now take minutes," Suresh says.

These changes promise to increase the ability of users to manage their financial affairs from anywhere, securely and efficiently. "Technology plays an extremely critical role in keeping the whole economy running," Suresh says. "To have the kind of computing that allows us to actually understand what takes place in the marketplace is a pretty compelling thing."

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