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BNY Mellon is invested in the power of big ideas. With some of the sharpest minds and most innovative thinkers in financial services, our unique perspectives can have a profound impact on investors’ attitudes and actions. Our forward-thinking insights are shaping the future of finance.

Culture and Society


Risk Management and Social Finance Investing

Debra Baker

In 2015 we continue to see that our clients and the market have a laser-like focus on risk measurement, management and mitigation. Debra Baker, Head of Global Risk Solutions, discusses the recent trends and how investment practices have expanded in the area of ESG investing.


Social Finance at Scale: Creating Value for Investors

We seek to answer: why hasn’t social finance caught on in the past and what is needed to extend and broaden the recent growth?


Invested in a Risk Culture

James Wiener, Monique Herena, Lucille Mayer

At BNY Mellon, risk management is part of everything we do. Our Risk Culture is built on the core concepts of personal responsibility for risk awareness and risk management across our organization.


Carbon Efficiency Investing

Will Cazalet, Karen Q. Wong

As investors, what solutions do we have in our hands to build a greener economy? In this paper, we discuss an investment approach that we term Green Beta, which we believe can help contribute to a lower carbon economy.

Investment Insights


Big Data and Investment Management

The application of data to product development and client satisfaction.


A Good Start by the ECB

David Leduc, Thomas D. Higgins

Standish Chief Investment Officer David Leduc and Chief Economist Tom Higgins comment on the debut of the quantitative easing program from the European Central Bank.


What Does August Augur?

Sinead Colton, Simon Cox, David Leduc, Bart A. Grenier, Nick Clay, Stephen Kolano, Jack Malvey

BNY Mellon Investment Management provides a roundup of perspectives and information on the recent market volatility from our expert portfolio managers and market strategists around the globe.


Making Sense of the Market 'Fret-Fest'

Simon Cox

Investment Management’s continued focus on the market volatility takes a closer look at China's battered equity markets and how changes in that country impact global investors.

Regulation and Risk


The Money Market Fund Reform Landscape

Money market funds have historically offered investors liquidity, preservation of capital, and yield (rate of return). Regulatory reforms for money market funds have been central to the activities of regulators in the U.S. and Europe for several years, following the 2008 financial crisis.


Moving Tax Transparency to a New Level

Mariano Giralt, Lorraine White

As governments around the world work together to combat perceived offshore tax evasion, it is clear that through transparency, governments aim to achieve tax compliance.


Securities Finance: Fixed Income and Repo Market Update

Fixed income and repo market participants are adapting to new regulations and fiscal realities such as Quantitative Easing (QE) and strong demand for high-quality liquid assets.


How Regulation Affects Banking Relationships

David Cruikshank, Thomas P. (Todd) Gibbons

Watch a video of corporate treasury, industry and bank panelists as they present a 360º view on how regulations are affecting banking relationships.



Enabling Innovation

Discover how BNY Mellon helped broaden a surgical robotics company’s investor base and capital markets reach.


The Future of Money    Wired Logo

A sponsored series with WIRED on money's progressively digital future.

Not since the arrival of the free-floating dollar has currency been poised for a more dramatic leap forward. The future is digital, even for money. Peek into the future.


Why Teams Are the Client of the Future for Broker-Dealers

To remain competitive in today's financial advice industry, broker-dealers must recalibrate their relationships with their advisors, according to a whitepaper released by Pershing LLC, a BNY Mellon company


Changing the Payment Landscape

Michael Bellacosa

Michael Bellacosa, Head of Global Payments for BNY Mellon Treasury Services, discusses the changes in the payments business, how BNY Mellon is moving to meet the challenges they bring, and what the payments landscape will look like in the years to come.