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Culture and Society


Powering Potential

“Women’s financial inclusion” is defined as women having access to useful and affordable financial products and services that meet their needs as individuals, economic agents and entrepreneurs.


Return on Equality

The potential economic and development gains from gender equality are vast and well-documented — and yet they are currently being bypassed. This joint report by BNY Mellon and the United Nations Foundation explores the market potential of advancing gender equality.

Investment Insights


Private Debt: The Rise of an Asset Class

Alan Flanagan, Robert Wagstaff

The growth of the private debt market has been nothing short of phenomenal over the last decade as it matches the needs of yield-seeking institutional investors and companies looking for capital to grow.


How Hedge Funds Could Win Back Sovereign Wealth Funds

BNY Mellon looks at how hedge funds need to understand and respond to sovereign wealth funds’ concerns and priorities.

ESG Investing: Setting a Course for a Sustainable Future

Mareike Dreisbach-Ruchay

Contributors: Fraser Priestley, Head of Performance and Risk, EMEA, BNY Mellon and Marvin Vervaart, Asset Owner Segment Head, EMEA, BNY Mellon


Aerial View Commentary

Astute insight and unique perspectives for an ever-changing world

Regulation and Risk


Open Banking: What’s Certain, What’s Not

Carl Slabicki

New mandates for an “open banking” standard are sure to transform the payments industry.


Institutions for Occupational Retirement Provision II: Challenges and Opportunities

The new version of the EU directive on Institutions for Occupational Retirement Provision (IORP) is set to have a profound impact on workplace pensions. BNY Mellon’s new report looks at the challenges and opportunities it presents for European pension funds.


The Regulatory Horizon and Public Policy

Eli Peterson

In October 2017, BNY Mellon presented an overview of new and pending regulatory initiatives. Eli Peterson of BNY Mellon’s Office of Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs discussed the current geopolitical environment and its impact on regulations affecting global financial markets.


A Focus on Regulation Readiness

The financial services industry is facing a rapidly changing and increasingly complex global regulatory landscape. Find your way forward with trending, timely and relevant content to help keep you in compliance and get ahead.

BNY Mellon Transformation


New Technologies: What's Real and What's Hype

Christopher Mager

Artificial Intelligence, Distributed Ledger Technology, Internet of Things. Are they truly game changers?


Enabling the Digital Economy: An Introduction

David Cruikshank

On behalf of BNY Mellon, let me welcome you to Sydney and to Sibos 2018, Enabling the Digital Economy.


Rethinking the Client Payment Experience

Michael Bellacosa, Sindhu Vadakath

This white paper looks at the progress in the payments realm over the past year— and takes it one step further — by delving into how new technologies will drive improvements in the client experience.


The Age of Agile Solutions

Jeremy Skaling

How can organizations deliver new solutions at the rapid pace the business demands?

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