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Culture and Society


Return on Equality

Monique R. Herena, Jyoti Chopra, Heidi DuBois

The potential economic and development gains from gender equality are vast and well-documented — and yet they are currently being bypassed. This joint report by BNY Mellon and the United Nations Foundation explores the market potential of advancing gender equality.


Social Finance at Scale: Creating Value for Investors

We seek to answer: why hasn’t social finance caught on in the past and what is needed to extend and broaden the recent growth?


Invested in a Risk Culture

James Wiener, Monique R. Herena, Lucille Mayer

At BNY Mellon, risk management is part of everything we do. Our Risk Culture is built on the core concepts of personal responsibility for risk awareness and risk management across our organization.

BNY Mellon CSR Report

At BNY Mellon, corporate social responsibility (CSR) helps us contribute solutions to some of the world's greatest challenges. Learn about our CSR strategy and achievements in 2016.

Investment Insights


The Increasing Attractiveness of International Equities

Jeff Mortimer

Strong economic and earnings growth abroad are making international equities appear more attractive than they have in years. Jeff Mortimer's October Investment Update takes a closer look at whether it's time to add exposure to international.

Funds, Fintech and Hong Kong's Future

A Greater Gateway, Issue 3. This paper looks at the rapid development of fintech solutions for fund management and distribution in mainland China; and contrasts this with the traditional approach of many fund managers in Hong Kong.


Common Misconceptions About the Current Bull Market

Jeff Mortimer

Jeff Mortimer’s September Investment Update discusses common concerns about the current bull market and how misconceptions can cause investors to miss out on opportunities.


Depositary Receipt Market Review

BNY Mellon's 2016 Depositary Receipt Market Review finds strong price performance growth in emerging markets, led by Brazil and Russia, despite global economic uncertainty and volatility.

Regulation and Risk


A Focus on Regulation Readiness

The financial services industry is facing a rapidly changing and increasingly complex global regulatory landscape. Find your way forward with trending, timely and relevant content to help keep you in compliance and get ahead.


OTC Derivatives Reform: Part 1

The challenges and opportunities presented by OTC derivatives reform prompted BNY Mellon to engage the University of Cambridge Judge Business School to analyze the impact on asset owners and sovereign wealth funds. This report provides recommendations for an evolving environment. Part 1 of 3


The Department of Labor Fiduciary Rule: Where Does It Stand?

Charles S. Hawkins

Discover the DOL Rule’s current standing and recent developments which have made the Mutual Fund industry unsure of what will be required to comply.


Practical Guidance: The GIPS® Standards for Asset Owners

Frances Barney, CFA

Our whitepaper reviews the key areas of focus for asset owners when seeking to become GIPS compliant, identifies requirements that are different for asset owners as compared to investment managers, provides a guide for an asset owner to become GIPS compliant, and answers to commonly asked questions.

BNY Mellon Transformation


Next Generation for Esoteric ABS

Sonal Patel, Andrew Taylor

Interest in esoteric asset-backed securities is gathering momentum as investors seek to diversify portfolios and earn high yields. At the same time, advancements in technology are presenting new opportunities to create, analyze, market, sell, securitize and process these complex assets efficiently.



Philip J. Falivene

Changing dynamics in investment management and related operations have driven some asset owners to add new asset classes to their internal mix, while others choose to outsource the associated investment operations.


The Future of Money

Lucille Mayer

From alternative currency to big data, the future of money is changing. Learn more about the next generation of the financial industry through our sponsored series with WIRED, The Future of Money.


Reinventing Payments in an Era of Modernization

Anthony Brady, Christopher Mager

Despite the challenges that banks face, there is reason for optimism. Like never before, advances in technology have opened the door for banks to collaborate in pursuit of our clients’ desire for a global real-time payment experience.

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