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BNY Mellon is invested in the power of big ideas. With some of the sharpest minds and most innovative thinkers in financial services, our unique perspectives can have a profound impact on investors’ attitudes and actions. Our forward-thinking insights are shaping the future of finance.

Culture and Society


Social Finance at Scale: Creating Value for Investors

We seek to answer: why hasn’t social finance caught on in the past and what is needed to extend and broaden the recent growth?


Invested in a Risk Culture

James Wiener, Monique Herena, Lucille Mayer

At BNY Mellon, risk management is part of everything we do. Our Risk Culture is built on the core concepts of personal responsibility for risk awareness and risk management across our organization.


Carbon Efficiency Investing

Will Cazalet, Karen Q. Wong

As investors, what solutions do we have in our hands to build a greener economy? In this paper, we discuss an investment approach that we term Green Beta, which we believe can help contribute to a lower carbon economy.


An Environment and Sustainability Leader

BNY Mellon has recently been recognized as a leader in sustainability and climate change responsibility by two highly regarded indices.

Investment Insights


Generation Lost

Paul Traynor, Vincent Pacilio, Adriano Koelle, Gregory Roath, John Buckley, Sandra Carlisle

Millennials face considerably greater challenges than their parents when it comes to providing for their retirement. But this group, which comprises those born between 1980 and the turn of the millennium, are not being told about the scale of the savings mountain they must climb.


Big Data and Investment Management

The application of data to product development and client satisfaction.


U.S. Interest Rates: The Balancing Act Continues

David Horsfall, Sinead Colton, Peter Hensman

U.S. monetary policy direction continues to attract debate, especially after a rocky start to 2016 but some key risks may lie elsewhere, according to investment experts from across BNY Mellon Investment Management boutiques - Standish, Newton and Mellon Capital.1


REITS, Rising Rates and the Real Estate Cycle

Scott Crowe

The five most relevant trends to REIT values and the real estate market this cycle suggest that REIT investors may benefit from a slow tightening cycle with moderate growth, lower long term interest rates, supportive spreads to debt costs and modest levels of new development.

Regulation and Risk


A Focus on Regulation Readiness

The financial services industry is facing a rapidly changing and increasingly complex global regulatory landscape. Find your way forward with trending, timely and relevant content to help keep you in compliance and get ahead.


The Money Market Fund Reform Landscape

Money market funds have historically offered investors liquidity, preservation of capital, and yield (rate of return). Regulatory reforms for money market funds have been central to the activities of regulators in the U.S. and Europe for several years, following the 2008 financial crisis.


The Future of Wholesale Funding Markets

Brian Ruane

This is a time of important change in the wholesale funding markets and calibrating your approach to the fundamental shifts in the market will be essential. This article provides you with some market insight and understanding as you develop and execute your strategies moving forward.


Collateral Management: A Review of Market Issues

This background paper, co-written by The Field Effect and BNY Mellon, is the first in a series of papers which will focus on the wide ranging collateral management challenges and opportunities currently facing the market.

BNY Mellon Transformation


Enabling Innovation

Discover how BNY Mellon helped broaden a surgical robotics company’s investor base and capital markets reach.


The Future of Money    Wired Logo

From alternative currency to big data, the future of money is changing. Learn more about the next generation of the financial industry through our sponsored series with Wired, The Future of Money.



Changing dynamics in investment management and related operations have driven some asset owners to add new asset classes to their internal mix, while others choose to outsource the associated investment operations.


Innovation in Payments: The Future is Fintech

Dominic Broom

The global payments industry is in the midst of rapid change as financial technology's (“fintech”) potential to alter how, when and where payments are made gains momentum. This paper examines fintech's growing capabilities and explains why bank-fintech partnerships hold the key.