Our Thinking

BNY Mellon is invested in the power of big ideas. With some of the sharpest minds and most innovative thinkers in financial services, our unique perspectives can have a profound impact on investors’ attitudes and actions. Our forward-thinking insights are shaping the future of finance.

Culture and Society


Social Finance at Scale: Creating Value for Investors

We seek to answer: why hasn’t social finance caught on in the past and what is needed to extend and broaden the recent growth?


Invested in a Risk Culture

James Wiener, Monique Herena, Lucille Mayer

At BNY Mellon, risk management is part of everything we do. Our Risk Culture is built on the core concepts of personal responsibility for risk awareness and risk management across our organization.

Introducing the BNY Mellon Big Ideas App

BNY Mellon's iPad® app features the latest thinking on the forces shaping the global financial markets.


Partnership for a Carbon Efficiency Strategy

Gabriela Parcella

This case study examines the challenges and lessons learned during the 10 month development of the Carbon Efficiency Strategy, a joint venture between MCM and the McKnight Foundation, offering carbon-conscious investors a way to invest in companies whose practices could reduce carbon emissions.

Investment Insights


Investment in Alternative Assets: Split Decisions

Frank J. La Salla, Tracy Nickl

Senior executives were surveyed from 450 large hedge funds and institutions, revealing 3 perspectives on portfolio management and alternative investing trends.


The DC Plan of the Future

Dan Smith, Rob Phillips

As Defined Benefit (DB) plans continue to be frozen or terminated, a greater number of American workers will rely on Defined Contribution (DC) plans to provide for their retirement.


Investment Update: Back to School

Jeff Mortimer

In his September Investment Update, Jeff Mortimer, Director of Investment Strategy at BNY Wealth Management, talks about the importance of gaging variables such as market breadth, inflation and Fed policy to foreshadow economic and market movement in the future.


Investment Update: The Long and Winding Road

Jeff Mortimer

In his August Investment Update, Jeff Mortimer, Director of Investment Strategy at BNY Wealth Management, explains why it is critical that opinions adapt to evaluate whether an investor is on track to reach his or her investment goals or if a change in route is in order.

Regulation and Risk


A Focus on Regulation Readiness

The financial services industry is facing a rapidly changing and increasingly complex global regulatory landscape. Find your way forward with trending, timely and relevant content to help keep you in compliance and get ahead.


Navigating the DOL Fiduciary Standard Rule

Tonia Bottoms, Robert Cirrotti, Charles S. Hawkins

Department of Labor finalizes rule designed to address conflicts of interest in retirement advice.


DOL Rule – Another Ingredient for ETF Growth

Frank J. La Salla, Steve Cook

On April 10, 2016 the DOL finalized its Conflict of Interest Rule, which re-defines the term fiduciary for the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 and the Internal Revenue Code of 1986. This paper will explore the basics of the rule, and look at potential effects on the ETF industry.


Practical Guidance: The GIPS® Standards for Asset Owners

Frances Barney

Our whitepaper reviews the key areas of focus for asset owners when seeking to become GIPS compliant, identifies requirements that are different for asset owners as compared to investment managers, provides a guide for an asset owner to become GIPS compliant, and answers to commonly asked questions.

BNY Mellon Transformation

Next Generation for Esoteric ABS

Sonal Patel, Andrew Taylor

Interest in esoteric asset-backed securities is gathering momentum as investors seek to diversify portfolios and earn high yields. At the same time, advancements in technology are presenting new opportunities to create, analyze, market, sell, securitize and process these complex assets efficiently.



Philip J. Falivene

Changing dynamics in investment management and related operations have driven some asset owners to add new asset classes to their internal mix, while others choose to outsource the associated investment operations.


The Future of Money

Lucille Mayer

From alternative currency to big data, the future of money is changing. Learn more about the next generation of the financial industry through our sponsored series with WIRED, The Future of Money.

Peer-to-Peer Triparty Collateral Management for the Buy Side

Staffan Ahlner

Collateral is the currency of the capital markets and flows through more transactions than ever before. The buy side is looking at a new horizon, where new thinking, approaches and strategies are key to a successful future, says Staffan Ahlner of BNY Mellon.