Global Tax and Regulation

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Tax and Regulation

The global tax and regulatory landscape continues to evolve and increase in complexity.  Our experts bring you the latest insights and perspectives so you can navigate the global markets.

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COVID-19 Cross-Border Investment Withholding Tax Implications

In these times of uncertainty, cross-border withholding tax landscape has become even more challenging for investors as a result of COVID-19. Will the tax authorities and sub-custodians ever become truly paperless?

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Tax Transparent Asset Pooling: Momentum Continues to Build

BNY Mellon is enhancing solutions that provide transparency across all major Tax Transparent Fund (TTF) type investors, as well as jurisdictions of investor and of investment.

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Tax Relief in Global Markets: A Step Forward – or a Step Back?

Tax authorities across the globe are continuing to redefine their tax processes with respect to cross border withholding tax relief procedures.

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The Tax and Regulatory Landscape: Taking Advantage of Change

This blog is the first in our series exploring the tax and regulatory landscape, which was presented at the Annual EMEA Tax and Regulatory Client Forum.

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Tax and Digital: Close to a Tipping Point

Today we are facing an unprecedented amount of tax change. Fiscal pressures and market protectionism are no longer the sole drivers - tax changes are clearly being driven by policies that are focusing on the clampdown on tax evasion.

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