Simon Cox

Simon Cox

Investment Strategist
Asia Pacific

About Simon Cox

Simon Cox is BNY Mellon's investment strategist for Asia-Pacific, based in Hong Kong. As part of the company's global strategy team, he studies the region's economic prospects, identifies investment trends and communicates these insights to portfolio managers, clients and the media.

Prior to joining BNY Mellon, Simon spent over ten years as a journalist with The Economist magazine. He was the magazine's economics correspondent in London before moving to India in 2007 to cover South Asia's economies. From 2010 to 2014 he was the magazine's Asia Economics Editor in Hong Kong, concentrating on China's economy.

During his career at The Economist, Simon wrote special reports about the technological ambitions of India and China ("High-tech Hopefuls", 2007), the world's arduous recovery from the global financial crisis ("The Long Climb", 2009), China's surprisingly resilient economy ("Pedalling Prosperity", 2012) and the Koreas ("Parallel Worlds", 2013). In 2008, he edited "The Growth Report", published by the Commission on Growth and Development, chaired by Nobel laureate Michael Spence.

He studied at Cambridge, Harvard and the London School of Economics.

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