Rogério Poppe

Rogério Poppe

Portfolio Manager, ARX


Rogério Poppe joined ARX Investimentos in 2006. Prior to that, he worked as portfolio manager at Opus (from 2004 to 2005), Banco CR2 (from 2003 to 2004), Banco Modal (from 2002 to 2003) and Banco Itaú (from 2001 to 2002). Rogério also worked as an equity research analyst at Banco BBM (from 1996 to 2001) and at Banco Graphus (from 1993 to 1996). Rogério graduated from Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro with a degree in electronic engineering (1993) and received a post-graduate degree in finance from IBMEC-RJ (1996). He became a CFA charterholder in 2005.

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