John Porzuczek

John Porzuczek

Managing Director
Head of PNFP Sales and Relationship Management
BNY Mellon Corporate Trust

About John Porzuczek

Currently located in Indianapolis, Indiana, John oversees a team of fifteen business development professionals across the U.S. He is responsible for organic, incremental revenue growth within the public and not-for-profit client segment. Prior to this, John managed a team of forty-four public finance client service managers comprising the Central U.S. Region. With his background of 25 years of experience serving public sector clients, John’s career in corporate trust began with JPMorgan and its predecessor banks in 1992. After five years in Chicago, he transferred to Indianapolis and transitioned from a client relationship manager to an office manager role in 2004.

John joined BNY Mellon in November of 2006 in a regional manager role as part of the JPMorgan/BNY Corporate Trust Asset Swap. He graduated magna cum laude with a B.S. in Finance from Indiana State University in 1991. John also earned the Certified Corporate Trust Specialist Designation from the ABA’s Institute of Certificated Bankers in 1996 and currently maintains such designation. In September of 2008, he successfully completed the firm’s Emerging Global Leader – Global Acumen management training program.

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