Joanne Scheier

Joanne Scheier

Corporate Segment Market Manager
BNY Mellon Treasury Services

About Joanne Scheier

Joanne is the market manager for the large and critically important segment of Corporate clients utilizing Treasury Services products. In this role she is responsible for providing the "voice of and to the market" specifically as it relates to Corporate clients and their subsidiaries and strategies world-wide. The function is responsible for understanding and translating marketplace developments and evolving client needs into strategy and marketing activities tailored to the Corporate segment. This includes strategy development, product ideation, sales support, segment governance and management reporting.

Prior to January of 2015, Joanne led two distinct worldwide teams as the Global Head of Account Management and Client Onboarding for Treasury Services. The first team, Account Management, was responsible for managing every aspect of the relationships held within a large portfolio of low-revenue clients, with a focus on revenue retention, pricing negotiation, Know Your Customer requirements, contract management, proposing product solutions and issue escalation. Joanne was assigned this role in June of 2013 and charged with creating and defining this new function for Treasury Services. The second team, Client Onboarding, assists clients around the globe with the initial implementation of products offered by Treasury Services.

Prior to June 2013, Joanne served as the Global Head of a newly-formed Client Support organization for Treasury Services, which encompassed a worldwide team of servicing and implementation specialists. Assigned to this new role in August 2011, she structured the organization to ensure that BNY Mellon Treasury Services was positioned to deliver on-going high-quality client support in a consistent, measurable fashion.

Prior to 2011, Joanne enjoyed a diverse career, serving nearly three years as the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of Treasury Services and reporting to its Chief Executive Officer. In this capacity, she managed numerous specialized teams responsible for the global delivery of our marketing strategy and program implementation, market research, internal and external communications, risk management, project management and employee learning and development functions. Moving to the CAO role from her position as the Treasury Services North America Client Support Manager — a role which she had held since 1989—she was instrumental in leading the company’s efforts to seamlessly convert its Treasury Services clients to selected products and platforms following the 2008 merger of The Bank of New York and Mellon Financial Corporation.

Ms. Scheier joined Treasury Services in 1985 as an implementation specialist and then worked as an executive sales manager before heading the Consulting Services team for Working Capital Solutions at Mellon Financial Corporation.

An alumna of Carnegie-Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh, she holds a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts and a master of public management degree with an emphasis in management information systems.

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