Gesa Benda

Gesa Benda

Product Manager
Collateral Management
BNY Mellon Markets

About Gesa Benda

As product manager for collateral management based in Frankfurt, Gesa focuses on regulatory initiatives and their impact on tri-party collateral management. Key topics include the market infrastructure environment, AIFMD and UCITS implementation and the impact on efficient use of collateral management products.

Gesa has over 15 years industry experience. Prior to joining BNY Mellon in 2013, she worked at Eurex Clearing, Europe's largest central counterparty clearing house (CCP), where she was head of derivatives clearing business development. Through her role at Eurex Clearing, she has extensive experience in collateral management and segregation solutions for CCP cleared products. Gesa has also previously held roles at KPMG and Deutsche Bank.

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