Analytical Insights - Q2 2016

Analytical Insights is a quarterly publication providing clients with investment information that can be used in the process of monitoring global assets.

A Message from Debra Baker

Managing Director, Head of Global Risk Solutions
BNY Mellon Asset Servicing

As an institutional investor or asset manager, understanding market movements and the flow of capital across asset classes and strategies is critical to making informed decisions. To meet this need, we are excited about the launch of BNY Mellon Asset Strategy ViewSM, the first in a set of big data products that transforms BNY Mellon’s Global Risk Solutions proprietary aggregate data into market intelligence around institutional investor allocation behaviors.

Asset Strategy View, designed for multi-strategy asset managers, provides detailed information on aggregate investment data for validating marketing strategies and positioning solutions that align with client trends. In addition, asset managers will be able to consider the impact of net capital flows on global investment markets.

A product extension of Asset Strategy View, BNY Mellon Asset Allocation Trust Universes, designed for asset owners, is now available and utilizes the same asset allocation and return data in summary form. This information is offered in conjunction with BNY Mellon’s Master Trust Universes offering. This new universe data will help asset owners analyze asset allocation at a more detailed level to determine value added relative to comparable plans or strategies

To learn more about these new products, please contact your Global Risk Solutions Consultant.

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Debra A. Baker