August 22, 2016

8 BNY Mellon Interns on their Most Meaningful Internship Experience

BNY Mellon Summer Analyst Program interns

BNY Mellon Summer Analyst Program interns

This week, we’re sharing some of our interns’ responses to: “What has been the most meaningful or rewarding experience from your internship?”

A chance to make an impact – in the community and at work
The most meaningful and rewarding experience has been my involvement in a challenge offered by the Summer Analyst Program to elevate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) within BNY Mellon. Not only have I gotten to work with other skilled interns outside of my department, but I have also been able to research and understand many things that BNY Mellon is currently doing to improve the world we live in today. Furthermore, I have the opportunity to build on what BNY Mellon is already doing with CSR to bolster its growing presence within the company. Being a part of this challenge has given me a venue to make a positive impact on both BNY Mellon and our world, which has been a very rewarding experience. – Chris S., Investment Management, Brooklyn

I volunteered at All Hallows RC High School through a program that encourages transitioning students to make friends and to get involved with the Stock Investment game. It was a rewarding experience for me because I love helping people and working with kids. – Valerie O., Finance, Manchester

After working for the first two weeks on my team, my first deliverable was complete and ready for review. As I crowded into a meeting room, first with my manager and then with two other full-time team members, I was struck by how intently they listened and questioned. I could tell after those meetings that the work I had done was not only appreciated, but it was needed and would be used to affect change. It was incredibly rewarding to know my work would have tangible impact. – Alexandra B., Technology, Pittsburgh

Getting feedback and taking on more responsibility
The most meaningful experience was getting feedback on a project I had been working on for a few weeks. Although I had corrections to make, it was very helpful to see that the work I was doing was benefitting the team.  Beyond that, it was insightful to see how my hard work was being evaluated and what I needed to adjust moving forward. – Max T., Audit, New York

The level of responsibility I was given was both meaningful and rewarding. Within days of starting, I was given a project. My manager told me what she expected, gave me advice about how to go about it and was available if I had any problems or questions, but ultimately gave me a large degree of control and responsibility for the strategy document. Being given important work that you have responsibility for, but can put your mark on, was extremely rewarding. – Conor H., Global Client Management, London

Interacting with colleagues and other companies
I was only here for a week before I was attending an event with Ian Stewart, CEO of Treasury Services and chairman of BNY Mellon Pennsylvania. Not only was it a really fun time, but I had the chance to network with a lot of influential people within my line of business. BNY Mellon truly loves talent, which was evident at this party. In a room full of so many significant and important people, they wanted to hear what I had to say, what I am learning, and what I think of my internship so far. It was an extremely empowering moment. – Juliana G., Treasury Services, Pittsburgh

Bar none, the most meaningful experiences I have had are the conversations with my manager, peer-mentor, and mentor. They have helped me look inward and discover what type of teams and work are the most conducive to the company’s and my own success. – Mohammad A., Risk and Compliance, New York

Meeting senior management of investee or potential investee companies – there is just no replacement for a face-face meeting or company visit. My group is simply wonderful and has provided me every opportunity to attend and participate in company management meetings and visits. I have learned so much in this process and realized that this is exponentially more powerful than just desktop reading. – Anushree G., Investment Management, Boston




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