May 01, 2015

Understanding and Managing Currency Risk

BNY Mellon to host webinar on passive currency administration outsourcing as an effective strategy for managing currency exposure

Heightened volatility in the FX markets has increased the level of risk that companies face. Managing currency exposures inherent in the globally diversified portfolios of corporates, state government pension plans and other assets owners is now front and center as a topic of interest, particularly among oversight boards with fiduciary responsibility.

BNY Mellon’s Currency Administration group provides an outsourced passive currency hedging service that makes it possible for companies to manage their own currency risk of their international assets, and will be hosting a webinar to discuss how hedge programs may help mitigate a company’s currency exposure. Moderated by Joseph Keenan, managing director of sales and relationship management, the webinar will take place on Wednesday, May 6 at 10:00 a.m. EDT and feature Simon Derrick, BNY Mellon’s Chief Currency Strategist, and John Murray, managing director of foreign exchange services.

Register for the webinar here.




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