July 11, 2016

BNY Mellon signs Women in Finance Charter in the UK

Women in Finance Charter

BNY Mellon has signed the UK’s Women in Finance Charter and earlier today joined an event in London for Charter signatories hosted by the Economic Secretary to the Treasury to celebrate the success of the Charter, alongside the publication of the first full list of signatory firms on the same day.

Launched by HM Treasury in March 2016, the Charter reflects the British government’s aspiration to see gender balance at all levels across financial services firms. By signing, BNY Mellon pledges to promote gender diversity in the UK, by upholding the Charter’s key principles, which are:

  • To support the progression of women into senior roles in the financial services sector by focusing on the executive pipeline and the mid-tier level;
  • To recognize the diversity of the sector and that firms will have different starting points – each firm should therefore set its own targets and implement the right strategy for their organization; and
  • To publicly report on progress to deliver against these internal targets to support the transparency and accountability needed to drive change.

Susan Revell, General Counsel and Chief Controls Officer, EMEA: “The commercial, social and economic case for gender equality and broader inclusion is widely understood. Concerted efforts from many stakeholders are needed to tackle the progression of female executives in financial services and ensure we not only attract more talented female professionals to our industry, but that they stay in our industry and maximize their exposure, stretch and development opportunities to reach full potential. Only then will we achieve meaningful and sustainable change.

“This is why we are proud to sign the Women in Financial Services Charter today. We have seen significant progress, but more can and should be done. BNY Mellon intends to continue advancing this important social and business issue.”

To learn more about the charter, please click here.




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