Highlights from Asset Owner Academy 2021

Rethinking operating models for a new investment reality

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Highlights from Asset Owner Academy 2021

Rethinking portfolios for a new investment reality

October, 2021

Fast-changing macro and market landscapes are creating ever-greater urgency for asset owners to transform how they build and manage portfolios to achieve their return targets and other investment goals. These shifts have important ramifications for operating models as well.

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During BNY Mellon's recent Asset Owner Academy event, clients learned about the challenges and opportunities shaping asset owners’ operational strategies for the changing investment paradigm.

Watch highlights video from the Asset Owner Academy event.

Asset owners should note three key considerations in transforming their operating models:

  1. Use new technologies and data tools to remain agile
  2. Follow best practices in connectivity and data truth for risk management
  3. Strike the right balance between in-house and outsourced operations

"Asset owners are looking to right-risk, right-source and future-proof their data and operating models as they rethink their front-to-back investment processes."

— Rohan Singh, Global Head of Asset Owners, Asset Servicing and Digital, BNY Mellon

Read more on how asset owners can effectively harness digital and data amid the structural shifts and transformational trends shaping the investment landscape. 

Rohan Singh

Global Head of Asset Owners, Asset Servicing and Digital, BNY Mellon



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