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Cloud Computing Architecture

BNY Mellon operates a private cloud designed with clients’ ease of use in mind. It consolidates BNY Mellon applications on a single, intuitive and powerful platform. We are also a gold-level sponsor of the Cloud Foundry project, which is pursuing the latest capabilities in IaaS and PaaS, in concert with a number of other enterprise sponsors.


We created an independent Information Risk Management team to oversee and implement standards of information security, risk assessment, testing and tracking. Our team provides 24x7 efforts to continuously assess, identify and neutralize cyber threats.

Internet of Things

BNY Mellon is aggressively pursuing “Internet of Things” technologies to offer advanced connectivity of systems, services and devices. This includes our proprietary Digital Pulse, which tracks activities, processes and transactions within BNY Mellon to provide predictive insights and drive the creation of new services.

Mobile and Wearable Technology

Our Innovation Center in Silicon Valley is looking to optimize applications for the latest in mobile communications and wearable technology.

Data science (“Big Data”)

We’ve assembled data science teams that are developing new applications for BNY Mellon’s extensive data assets. This includes storage optimization, data modeling, data visualization, machine learning and more.


As cryptocurrencies evolve and potentially become a vital part of the global financial system, our Innovation Center is seeking new ways to transact, manage and service these dynamic currencies.


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