Portfolio Companies*

Portfolio Companies

Access Fintech

Enabling shared data and workflow through a collaboration platform to evolve the financial industry operating model.


Intelligent document processing platform that unlocks value in documents/images and enables process automation and digital transformation.


Helps financial advisors automate and optimize fixed income investing to deliver customized products and superior service.


Leverages proprietary machine learning algorithms to help institutional investors uncover opportunities in global capital markets.


Provides cryptocurrency data and investigations, compliance, and business intelligence solutions to global government agencies and businesses.

Coin Metrics

Institutional quality crypto intelligence platform for network and market data, indexes, network risk solutions, and more.


Empowers financial advice, delivered through a hyper-personalized experience for each unique client.


Enables visibility and insights on both existing and potential vendors to help reduce costs, mitigate risk, and get the most out of an enterprise stack.


AI-powered contract intelligence platform designed to increase the speed and accuracy of contract review while streamlining workflows and elevating collaboration.


ML and IPA-driven reconciliation platform designed to streamline the research and remediation of breaks.

Fintech Collective

Early-stage venture capital firm, based in New York City and investing globally across the digitalization of financial services, emerging markets, and digital assets.


All-in-one platform to store, transfer, and issue digital assets.


Next generation payment system that helps enable wholesale exchange of value-on-chain.

Genesis Global

Helps financial institutions innovate at speed through a low-code platform that supercharges software developers to build with efficiency and scale.


Innovative financial technology firm with a vision to accelerate the financial ecosystem’s transition towards frictionless ownership transfers of assets.

iCapital Network

Digital network that aims to connect advisors and HNW investors to alternative investment managers.


Provides institutional allocators with an enhanced way to structure, access and monitor alternative investments by using the Dedicated Managed Account Platform.


Client service platform aimed at standardizing communications for global custodians and their clients.



Milestone Group

Digital enterprise business solutions designed to optimize and automate the funds industry.




Harnesses financial technology to build trust between renters and landlords, making the move-in and move-out process as simple as checking in and out of a hotel.


Digital investor communications platform that streamlines proxy voting with real-time connections.


A global platform pioneering Contextual Decision Intelligence to help organizations make trusted operational decisions with data.


Enterprise software firm powering solutions that aim to deliver trust across the financial services industry and beyond.


Platform designed to allow custodian clients to easily and quickly onboard and maintain fund accounts with benefits for trading and post-trade via patented AI technology ATTOM.


Collaboration platform designed to compliantly connect markets, organizations and individuals.


Powering institutional access to digital assets.


Provides actionable data, allowing an entity to maximize the value of every dollar through the power of liquidity analysis.


Leading digital asset focused fund manager with products including three Bitcoin-adjacent ETFs, a DeFi hedge fund, single and multi-coin trusts, and more.


A verified digital payouts platform connecting banks, businesses, and payees to faster, smarter, safer payouts and intelligent pay-by-anything experiences.


Digital recordkeeping platform designed to innovate the delivery of workplace savings and investing, starting with the 401(k).


Cloud payments and messaging solutions to help accelerate digital transformation.

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*BNY Mellon is using the terms “Portfolio Company” and “Portfolio Companies” to identify those companies that The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation or its affiliates maintain either an equity or warrant interest in such company (in the latter case, The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation or its affiliates may never hold equity in any such company).  Further, usage of this terminology is not intended to imply that any such company is wholly-owned by The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation or its affiliates, or that The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation or its affiliates own any minimum percentage of such company.  By identifying these companies here, BNY Mellon does not recommend, endorse, or advise others to engage with these third-parties.  You should discuss this material with appropriate advisors in the context of your circumstances before acting in any manner on this material or agreeing to use any of the referenced products or services and make your own independent assessment (based on such advice) as to whether the referenced products or services are appropriate or suitable for you.  Trademarks, logos and other intellectual property marks belong to their respective owners.