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For more than five years, BNY Mellon has been creating Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled solutions for financial services. We aim to empower clients with trustworthy and scalable platforms.


Due to our position in the financial markets, we have a unique viewpoint that can help clients make data-driven decisions. AI can play a crucial role in how we leverage those insights to benefit our clients. 

Advancing Responsible & Ethical AI in Financial Services

We strongly support using AI within a strong risk management and governance framework. Our goal is to promote the compliant, responsible and ethical use of AI. 

The processes we follow for AI governance are influenced by global regulatory and industry guidance. We actively collaborate with other industry players and proudly participate as a founding member of Project Veritas, a consortium organized by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. This group developed the FEAT principles (Fairness, Ethics, Accountability and Transparency) for AI usage.

Our team consistently assesses how to enhance our current processes to address the distinctive risks posed by evolving technology, including Generative AI.


Technology Development

Our AI platform is built on the premise of foundational, reusable capabilities to access and leverage data across the bank in a responsible manner.  

How We Use AI Today & Exploring for the Future

Today, we have more than 20 AI-enabled solutions in production. These solutions support predictive analytics, automation and anomaly detection, among other capabilities.  


We design our solutions to help clients transform their businesses while enhancing our own infrastructure. 


Client Experience

We are working to integrate AI into our offerings to improve personalization and enrich data-driven efficiencies.

New Products and Solutions

We are exploring ways to harness the power of AI in our new product offerings to enable faster decision-making and increased efficiency. 

Employee Experience

We are exploring AI-driven tools to help our employees’ continuous growth.  

Spotlight Solution: Transforming the U.S. Treasury Market Settlement & Clearance Process

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   Spotlight Solution: Transforming the U.S. Treasury Market Settlement & Clearance Process

As the largest and most liquid fixed income market in the world, the U.S. Treasury market plays a crucial role in the global economy. It serves as a safe-haven asset, providing price discovery, margin management and benchmark for pricing derivatives.

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