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By managing trillions in assets, we have unparalleled access to data from the largest liquidity pools in the world—and richer insights. Insights we offer to our clients to help them make better decisions and create more value across every interaction.


The world’s markets, myriad governments and businesses of all sizes count on us to keep their data stable and secure. Our global scale and always-on resiliency facilitate that so businesses run smoothly and markets operate efficiently.


The most powerful data are based on accessibility. We make it easier for you to use your data or to plug data in from other parties. The result? Helping you make better, quicker, margin-driving decisions.


Every decision matters. From our predictive analytics to our dynamic business applications, we help unearth critical and commercial insights to help you capture opportunities and manage risk.

Featured Products

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Run your business, not your technology. Designed to meet the security and service-level needs of financial organizations of all sizes, Data and Analytics Solutions’ Eagle ACCESSSM provides a secure private-cloud solution that makes cost management, efficiency and risk mitigation all achievable. Public cloud solutions are also available with Data and Analytics Solutions applications built on Microsoft Azure.

Managed effectively, data is your firm’s most valuable asset. BNY Mellon Data and Analytics Solutions' Eagle Data Management and the Microsoft Azure based Data Vault provide a flexible investment data platform that helps simplify your processes and unlock the power of your data. Helping you to reduce costs, mitigate execution risk, and simplify your technology and data environment. Assisting you to achieve new data insights that enable faster, more informed business decisions.

Optimize your technology investment. The Global Digital Solutions dedicated services team works closely with you to deploy innovative, proven implementation methods. Together, we will ensure that your solutions are delivered to help optimize your Return on Investment.

Customize investment portfolios to individual ESG expectations across user-chosen data sources. ESG Data Analytics leverages crowd-sourced investor behavior to guide investors in the construction of ESG investment portfolios, meeting their individual ESG expectations. Support for dynamic, cross data source, fund products due diligence and selection, investment products ESG demonstrability and flexible dynamic queries into portfolios ESG drivers.

Make better-informed investment decisions with BNY Mellon’s Eagle Investment Accounting. A multi-currency, multi-basis solution that enables a consolidated view of your firm’s global accounting books. With real-time access to investment data, you can make better-informed investment decisions. 

A single, trusted source of investment data. Improve your decision making with Eagle Investment Book of Record (IBOR). A data-centric approach to IBOR provides you with a single source of truth to support better decision making. Beyond technology, BNY Mellon’s Investment Operations outsourcing helps you make informed investment decisions with an accurate trade date view of cash and holdings. A global model provides investable balances to portfolio managers in time for local market openings.

Discover powerful insights to drive investment products creation, marketing and sales. Intermediary Analytics provides U.S. Retail Investors industry data, analytics, and workflow solutions to help enhance fund products distribution efforts. The Distribution Analytics application provides predictive investment products demand drivers and sales momentum across U.S. geographies for ETFs and mutual funds. Our solutions have the business intelligence you need to launch new investment products, rationalize product offerings, shape sales and marketing strategies and drive success.

We help our clients with their investment strategy by helping them navigate through the complexities of the financial markets. Through a variety of loan and structured product services and our market-leading technology, we deliver loan and third party administration, escrow, agent bank and custodial solutions to help facilitate these products efficiently and deliver a more streamlined investment process.

A robust approach to complex data challenges. Using all the data that floods into investment firms every day requires significant operational and technical expertise. Meanwhile, bringing that expertise in-house requires substantial commitment and investment—and can expose your firm to risk. With a combination of technological expertise and deep business acumen, our Managed Services can present effective, repeatable, scalable data solutions to your organization. 

Eagle Performance, a Performance Book of Record for enterprise-wide needs. Track performance for portfolios at various levels, such as security, sector and total portfolio level. Because data issues can affect return calculations, our tools can monitor, identify, fix and recalculate inaccurate returns. Performance, Risk and Analytics, a comprehensive investment performance, risk, and compliance service to help analyze investment decisions, manage risk and access market intelligence. 

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