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Innovation in Global Payments, Cash Management and Trade Solutions

Global Treasury Management Solutions

BNY Mellon is sparking innovation in Global Payments, Cash Management and Trade Solutions by unlocking new ways to do business that enhance services for clients.


As a bank in its 240th year, BNY Mellon serves as a connection point for global money movement and an innovator at the forefront of change. Our bank has served as a proven haven in times of turbulence and stability, and with a legacy of client and industry trust, resiliency remains the cornerstone of our business. 


BNY Mellon creates value for our clients by building platforms that complement evolving economic conditions, establishing strategic alliances addressing the needs and expectations of the markets we support and enhancing and modernizing infrastructure.  

A Pioneer in Payments, Global Cash Management and Trade


Innovation across the Treasury Management landscape has created boundless opportunities. Through industry collaborations and investments in payments technology, BNY Mellon welcomes this moment of opportunity to come together and orchestrate the future of financial services.




Global Payment Solutions: Simplifying Transactions and Services

The value exchange between financial services providers, businesses and consumers is evolving. With a growing need for digital transformation, global connectivity, speed and transparency, banks and other payment providers are enabling innovation through new products and relationships that deliver interconnected solutions.


The momentum of change in payments continues to accelerate and BNY Mellon has served as a pioneer in the industry for decades. By delivering more integrated services, enhancing products and serving as a consultative advisor alongside industry participants, we are working to anticipate our clients’ needs and solve them in a more efficient and transparent manner.


As the transition from paper-to-digital inches forward across the payments landscape, the market demand for faster, safer money movement has heightened. Through a single integration with BNY Mellon’s Vaia® – a digital payments platform – clients can offer their payees a variety of real-time payments and digital disbursement options to receive funds securely and efficiently via their payment method of choice. 


Global payment transactions can be complex and the need for more efficient and transparent processes is key. With a strong correspondent banking network, and as a multicurrency payment and foreign exchange (FX) provider, BNY Mellon offers clients the ability to deliver payments across geographies through a consistent, optimal experience. With centralized access to all major payment networks for USD, EUR, and GBP covering wire, ACH and instant payments, BNY Mellon also offers settlement through our expansive network into various countries and currencies across the globe for an end-to-end global payments solution.


Automation, security, digitization and payer optionality are influencing how businesses operate their accounts receivable function. Understanding and executing a comprehensive receivables strategy that takes these factors into account and optimizes corporations’ cash flow is critical. Identifying the right priorities, roadmap and ways to speed up and enhance remittances is key to this success.


BNY Mellon’s suite of receivables services support a variety of channels from online and mobile biller direct solutions, aggregation and collection of payment from home banking options all the way through to traditional paper receivables. Our holistic view of multi-channel and multi-payment type remittances helps manage customers’ working capital and reconciliation payer choice.


Payment fraud is a growing market concern as the industry transitions from a traditional to a more digitized world. BNY Mellon’s fraud prevention services provide robust tools to help our clients validate account status, account ownership, identity verification and other self-service controls which help to mitigate potential fraud for a safe and efficient payment process. 

Strategic Alliances

Through collaborations with best-in-class providers, we are committed to coinnovating, leveraging collective strengths and extending our mutual reach to advance a shared mission of delivering unparalleled value to our customers. 


Through BNY Mellon’s collaboration with MoCaFi, we have launched a digital disbursement service to reach unbanked and underbanked individuals throughout the United States. 


By integrating both the FedNow Service and The Clearing House’s Real-Time Payments (RTP®) Network via a single solution, we are now providing a comprehensive offering for clients across both U.S. digital payment networks. 


In collaboration with fintech Trustly, BNY Mellon launched Bankify, a new, safe and cost-effective payment method that merchants can offer their clients to pay with their bank account through a seamless experience within their online or mobile platforms.

Global Cash Management: Managing Cash Flow Securely


Efficient global cash management is vital in today’s macroeconomic landscape. Corporate treasurers want more visibility and control over their working capital and are constantly looking for new ways to enhance their liquidity. Financial institutions want to manage the day-to-day administration of operating in/outflows, typically on an inter/intra basis, both domestically and globally. BNY Mellon offers a comprehensive front-to-back cash management suite of virtual and physical account solutions to optimize cash, maintain adequate liquidity, rationalize accounts and maximize yield to help customers meet the challenges of today’s sophisticated global marketplace. 


Liquidity Management and Solutions


We can deploy a variety of short-term investment options using various instruments and distribution channels and provide a holistic account view with robust data analytics to enable effective decision making that ensures funds are in the right place at the right time to survive and thrive in unpredictable market conditions.


LiquidityDirectSM  Now Best for All Your Liquidity


A global leader in providing access to money market funds (MMFs) for over 25 years, LiquidityDirect supports $15 trillion in annual MMF transaction flows for more than 6,000 clients across every segment and region.* LiquidityDirect has evolved beyond a digital portal to a complete, short-term investment platform, helping deliver the best investment and liquidity options through a big-picture  portfolio view. 

* BNY Mellon, as of June 30, 2023.



Facilitating Global Trade with Efficiency

As the exchange of goods and services grows annually, the need for reduced risks and more efficient processes involved in trade finance continues to be in high demand. Our global trade network and products help facilitate the free flow of cross border goods and services, help clients transition from traditional to more innovative forms of settlement mechanisms, and deliver efficient working capital solutions when they need it most. 


As a global bank, we provide fundamental financial services and products such as letters of credit and trade finance loans. These solutions play a central role in supporting the flow of goods and payments between buyers and sellers across borders, contributing to the stability and efficiency of global trade.


With strong and stable fundamentals, BNY Mellon can serve as strategic advisor to customers during periods of macroeconomic turbulence. Our synergistic product offering can help customers optimize their balance sheets, minimize risk and achieve desired investment objectives.


BNY Mellon plays a crucial role in providing working capital solutions to businesses, ensuring they have the funds necessary for their operations and to help sustain their activities on an international scale.

Enabling the Digitization of Global Trade


BNY Mellon's application of digital technologies can enhance international trade financing, supply chain logistics and the movement of goods and materials worldwide. 

Online Treasury and Banking Solutions 


As business and consumer demands continue to accelerate, the expectations for a seamless client experience are on the rise. BNY Mellon’s Digital Channels can provide a frictionless, personalized journey for our clients. These self-service options can eliminate the burden associated with countless administrative and high-volume tasks and enable a collaborative environment with our clients. 

Optimizing the Payment Process for Efficiency 


Delivering an intuitive and personalized experience that meets the demands of a strategic treasury function all in a single, online location is essential. BNY Mellon’s TreasuryEdgeSM offers a single place to view all services clients need to manage their treasury accounts and to help optimize daily workflows.

Embedding Critical Services into Digital Workflows


BNY Mellon’s suite of API endpoints offers access to execute a multitude of transactional and reporting capabilities throughout the entire payment lifecycle – improving operational efficiency and insights into your working capital. Explore the BNY Mellon API Developer Portal to see which API meets your needs.

Digitizing the Customer Value Chain


Upgraded banking techniques can be combined with emerging technologies to address the most modern use cases. Treasury Services is looking to digitize the customer-service and customer-onboarding value chains by allowing clients to enable some of the products themselves using APIs and other emerging technologies. 

cars driving on a large highway system over a timelapse.

ISO 20022 - A New Global Messaging Standard for Payments


ISO 20022 is a harmonized messaging standard that creates a common language between financial institutions across the globe to help enable faster processing and improved reconciliation of high-value and cross-border payments.


The transition promises significant impacts on financial institutions over the coming years. BNY Mellon understands the strategic implications of ISO 20022 and is helping clients navigate the uncertain terrain of cross-border payments transformation.

Public Sector Banking Services 


BNY Mellon has a long history serving the needs of federal, state and local governments. We proudly work with federal agencies, including the U.S. Department of Treasury, government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs), and multi-lateral organizations offering knowledge and resources dedicated to delivering heightened efficiencies in transaction security and operational transparency. 

Government Bank Solutions, Payables and Community Support


The global economy relies on the banking system, and its resilience is reinforced when increased access to capital and financial services extends to a broader audience, especially those in underserved communities. BNY Mellon is here to help government treasury professionals navigate fast-paced change and evolving trends to carry out their responsibilities and further opportunities to the communities they serve. 


RTP is a registered service mark of The Clearing House Payments Company L.L.C.

FedNow is a registered service mark of the Federal Reserve Banks.

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