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Escalating M&A activity. New and different asset types. Transforming data into opportunity has never been more critical to remaining competitive. Open, cloud-based, and flexible, Data Vault can help you rapidly collect, connect, store and distribute data across your organization—all with the freedom to use your tools of choice. Now you can break down data silos and help future proof your business.  

Data Vault: A Flexible Platform Built on Microsoft Azure and Powered by Snowflake

Open, Flexible and Transformative

Built on Microsoft Azure, powered by Snowflake, and designed leveraging decades of financial services expertise, Data Vault is the trailblazing solution that can help you overcome the limitations of legacy systems and use data for competitive advantage.


Simplify your data acquisition. Quickly ingest today’s complex and ever-increasing volume of data—including structured, unstructured, traditional and alternative data sets.


Eliminate constraints. Blend data from external sources and internal locations across your organization, in real time and regardless of your legacy systems or where the data is stored. 


Remove the technology bottleneck. Now you can easily locate the data and models you need, all of which have been rigorously assessed regarding quality, validation and governance.


Uncover new and different insights. Visualize and share data consistently across your organization, anytime and anywhere. With your preferred sources, tools and applications.


Simplify your data discovery. Not only do the machine learning and inferencing engines tag and classify data so you can browse and search for data, use cases and models, but our user-friendly set up enables you to customize workflows and exceptions.

Streamline your data consumption. Enhance your decision making with a single source of data bundled in fit-for-purpose models. Current, validated data sets can be integrated from different sources on demand, so you spend less time implementing cumbersome rules and more time maintaining a competitive edge.

Improve your access to data and analytics. Powerful computing capabilities help you connect with, blend and experiment on enormous quantities of data from multi-cloud sources, without having to move or copy it. 

Conserve your time and resources. With machine learning that accounts for data out of range, missing or not as expected, you can accelerate onboarding, avoid duplications, simplify governance and track lineage.

Reduce your operational drag. Extend your strategy with an open architecture that enables you to access, exchange and explore data blended from both third-party and internal data sources, without the need for local infrastructure setup or management.

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