indian farmer with ipad

Technology Helps Farmers Manage Resources

June 2017

Climate change creates weather and resource challenges that plague farmers and vulnerable rural communities. In response, BNY Mellon Technology India (formerly iNautix) is partnering with National Agro Foundation in India, to develop a geographic information system (GIS) that enables farmers and rural communities to better manage vital natural resources such as soil, water, land and crops.

The GIS will gather data from sensors installed in the fields to measure soil erosion, pollution levels, soil moisture, groundwater levels and land cover dynamics under each watershed. Farmers will access data through a technology hub in each village and a web application that also offers corresponding advice. As examples, the application will suggest crops to grow based on water availability in wells, recommend actions to keep crops healthy based on their color and alert farmers when soil moisture levels are low, allowing them to save water through need-based irrigation instead of regular irrigation.

With BNY Mellon Technology India support, the application will improve life for 1000 farmers and their families in Tamil Nadu, India.