Conventional Debt

Facilitating Public and Private Prosperity


Debt issuance is essential for funding operations, future investments, creating infrastructure and delivering public services.


From pre-issuance through maturity, we offer unparalleled access to resources, technology and solutions you need to seamlessly execute your debt financing strategies. Our global team has the expertise and commitment to excellence, that demonstrates how we lead the market in debt administration.


Issuers of convertible and exchangeable bonds require an experienced trustee and agent throughout the transaction cycle. As a leading global securities provider, we offer capabilities backed by organizational strength, intellectual capital and long-term commitment.


We have extensive capabilities to support various types of Convertible Debt issuance, from the standard exchangeable securities to Contingent Capital and Contingent Convertible bonds. Additionally, our strong links with the clearing systems best places us to assist issuers with their Convertible Debt Issuance.


Our services include: 

  • Trustee 
  • Issuing & Paying Agent 
  • Conversion Agent 
  • Exchange Agent 
  • Settlement Agent 
  • Calculation Agent

Whether you need basic trustee services or access to a wide range of value-added services, we have the resources and expertise to help you execute your debt financing strategies.


Our experienced team administers a wide range of trust and agency appointments, provides expert insight into new market trends and serves as trustee and/or paying agent on thousands of debt-related issuances globally.


To ensure a smooth closing process, we work closely with issuers, underwriters, and attorneys. Our team stays focused on our clients, and after issuance, we provide ongoing support through customizable services.

  • Enforcing covenants and administering indenture provisions
  • Investing funds at the direction of the issuer/obligor
  • Coordinating with all parties in preparation for the issuance of the debt securities
  • Consent Solicitation Agent
  • Listing securities on select stock exchanges worldwide
  • Representing the interests of the bond holders
  • Administering the preparation and reporting of tax statements and reports

We understand the importance of your liability management exercise, and we have built a reputation for achieving client expectations. We will stay with you throughout the life of the transaction, and will use our specialized knowledge to ensure the success of your offer.


As one of the world’s largest servicing banks, our knowledge of ICSDs and CSDs allows for an efficient execution period. We are able to use our vast global reach to offer settlement solutions across numerous currencies and multiple asset classes. Our dedicated team works closely with clients from the pre-launch phase through to settlement to ensure a seamless process.


Our specialized team can assist with the following core roles and services:

  • Tabulation Agent
  • Tender Agent
  • Exchange Agent
  • Consent Solicitation Agent
  • Proxy Voting 
  • Information Agent
  • Distribution Agent
  • Settlement Agent
  • Trustee

Green bonds have opened up a possibility for bond investors to become involved in corporate strategies in a manner which was previously largely reserved to equity investors. They offer an investment-focused approach to climate change and provide significant environmental benefits. 

Our roles in support of Green Bonds include:


  • Trustee
  • Principal and sub-paying agent
  • Registrar
  • Transfer agent
  • Calculation agent
  • Issuing agent
  • Authentication agent

Issuing High Yield Bonds poses a unique set of challenges to issuers and their advisors. As an experienced and sophisticated indenture trustee, we lend invaluable expertise and guidance.


We offer a comprehensive suite of services, tailored to meet the specific administrative and operational requirements of each issue. Services range  from documentation and launch, managing debt service payments, SEC registration and exchange, through to maturity, cancellation or refinancing and beyond.


We provide personalized service to support your investor relations and developing funding needs.

Our portfolio of services can help document, list, close and service any type of new issue. We fully support a diverse array of multi-faceted structures, including PIK notes, Book-Entry Depositary, Regulation-S, 144A and fully SEC registered notes.


We have a standard trust agreement, and have established arrangements, processes and procedures with various partners so onboarding any new relationship is seamless and transparent.

We are a trusted partner who can provide operational support from bond launch through maturity on a variety of Money Market Instruments, including Commercial Paper, Certificates of Deposit and Medium Term Notes.

BNY Mellon is ideally placed to provide MMI issuance services. With our specialized teams delivering for you, we act as your primary settlement agent with ICSDs or DTC, and the paying agent for the ongoing debt servicing of your transactions.


Additionally, our technology is designed for processing efficiency. BNY Mellon ConnectSM portal eliminates the need for authentication / call-backs and provides 24 hour access to your reporting needs. BNY Mellon Connect supports all your money market instrument processing needs:

  • Balance information, transaction details and analysis tools for your commercial paper, certificate of deposit, or medium term note programs
  • Customized reports to meet your needs and preferences
  • Flexible export capabilities for your trade data

Whether you need basic trustee or agency services or access to a wide range of value-added services, we have the resources and expertise to help Sovereign Issuers execute their debt financing strategies.


Prior to issuance, we work closely with issuers, underwriters, and attorneys to facilitate a smooth closing process. After issuance, we take a flexible approach and customize our services to meet each client’s needs.   

  • Enforcing covenants and administering indenture provisions 
  • Investing funds at the direction of the issuer/obligor 
  • Coordinating with all parties in preparation for the issuance of the debt securities 
  • Listing securities on select stock exchanges worldwide 
  • Representing the interests of the bond holders 
  • Administering the preparation and reporting of tax statements and reports

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