Complaint Process

Luxembourg Out-of-Court Complaints Handling Process


Regulatory framework: a complaint within the Luxembourg Financial Sector is defined as “a complaint filed with a professional to recognize a right or redress a harm”. 


Out-of –Court resolution of complaint is ruled by Regulation N° 16-07 issued by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (“CSSF”) (link).


Process to log your complaint with us

  1. Contact your Relationship Manager or Client Service representative to log your complaint
  2. Send us a mail
    Alternatively you can log your complaint by sending a mail to the attention of the relevant management of the legal entity servicing you:

    The Bank of New York Mellon SA/NV
    Luxembourg Branch
    Att: Luxembourg Branch Management
    2-4 rue Eugene Ruppert
    Vertigo Building - Polaris
    L-2453 Luxembourg

  3. Log your complaint with the Luxembourg Compliance Department


You can also log your complaint by sending an e-mail directly to the attention of the Luxembourg Management by reaching out to our Compliance Department:


Acknowledgment and Feedback

You should be receiving an acknowledgment of receipt of your complaint within 10 business days after you have issued it. A feedback on your complaint should be provided within one month.



If you have not received our acknowledgement within 10 business days or if you are not satisfied with the feedback we provided, you can initiate an out-of-court complaint procedure by contacting the CSSF (link).