Vast Global Investments and Trading Solutions

Pershing turns emerging trends into forward-thinking investment solutions.  Our services help you gather assets, acquire clients and strengthen business relationships. They include:

  • Alternative Investment Solutions
  • Annuity and Insurance Solutions
  • Cash Management Solutions
  • Education and Health Savings
  • Fund Solutions
  • Lending Solutions
  • Managed Investment Solutions
  • Private Banking Access
  • Retirement Solutions
  • Wealth Management Solutions

Pershing provides execution excellence and straight-through processing capabilities. Our trading services range from global equity and fixed income trading to accessing emerging markets:

  • Equity Trading - Benefit from our extensive coverage, enhanced liquidity and agency only approach.
  • Fixed-Income Trading - Access a broad spectrum of fixed-income opportunities—including new issues, secondary offerings, Unit Investment Trusts and structured products.
  • Best Execution - Innovative procedures designed to ensure quality and timely execution of your trades.
  • Collateral Funding and Trading and Prime services that combine custody, execution, regulatory and financing through a single source.

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Trading Services

Pershing's power and flexibility can help grow your business. We offer access to a variety of trading choices—backed by strength and liquidity, high-touch support, cutting-edge technology and relationships with the nation's leading financial institutions.
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Investment Solutions

Pershing can help you bring innovative investment solutions and strategies to market quickly—without the costs and delays of in-house development.
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Practice Management

We provide a comprehensive array of marketing and practice management resources, comprehensive programs and personalized support to help you manage and grow your business. 

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