Asset Managers

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Be Transformation Ready

From cost pressures to resiliency concerns, the asset management industry is undergoing significant change. BNY Mellon’s integrated, scalable and modular network of services is designed to support you across the investment lifecycle. So no matter what the future holds, your business is poised to act opportunistically.

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The Power of Integration

Our open architecture model and partnerships with providers across the investment value chain can give you access to best-of-breed technology. We digitize and integrate core solutions—our own and our partners’—to help you streamline operations to deliver customized, efficient and resilient solutions.

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Scale for Growth

We offer scaled, integrated solutions across transfer agency, front office and distribution channels, investment and portfolio management, and middle and back office. This can allow clients to reduce costs and increase efficiency while maintaining full oversight of their outsourced operations.

Solutions for Asset Managers

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