Foreign Exchange

BNY Mellon's global presence and Foreign Exchange ("FX") capabilities allow you to transact in a variety of currencies in developed, emerging and frontier markets. Our technology is designed to offer productivity tools, help mitigate operational risks and provide access to local liquidity.

Execution & Currency Hedging Channels

  • Direct dealing via our FX Desk and eCommerce platforms
  • Automated execution via our Custody FX programs and alternative FX pricing options
  • Currency Administration
  • FX Payments

Our FX Expertise

  • Spot, forwards, swaps and non-deliverable forwards (NDF)
  • Currency risk management offered through the application of our globally accessible execution channels, flow analyses and daily and weekly commentary

Where We Trade

  • 9 sales and trading centers around the world
  • 24/5 hour access to trading professionals
  • A global custodian network to access local liquidity

Additional Value-Added Services

  • Insightful and timely markets commentary
  • Access to iFlow® (our multi-asset capital flow product)


FX Overlay with BNY Mellon

Currency hedging help mitigate currency volatility risk.


Our Thinking

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APAC - A Top Priority for BNY Mellon

Baudouin De Guchteneere, FX Sales & Services, Asia Pacific, BNY Mellon, tells why he is excited about Singapore having been selected for the FX dealing room and why the region is a top priority for the company.
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Turning Capital Flow Insight Into Action: iFlow

A compression of how to turn capital flow insight into action

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