BNY Mellon Supports Junior Achievement Ireland

BNY Mellon Supports Junior Achievement Ireland

BNY Mellon has been supporting Junior Achievement Ireland (JAI) since 2007 to help them achieve their mission of “inspiring and motivating young people to realise their potential by valuing education and understanding how to succeed in the world of work”.

JAI develops enterprise education programmes for primary and secondary level students to teach them about the world of work, with a specific emphasis on supporting young people from backgrounds of social disadvantage. Since the partnership began, JAI has equipped and supported BNY Mellon volunteers to deliver tailored programmes in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, in addition to entrepreneurship, through workshops in over 100 carefully selected schools. BNY Mellon volunteers continue to use their expertise, experience and insights to deliver these workshops, and 2018 saw an exciting collaboration between BNY Mellon and JAI to develop and deliver a new programme on Data Analytics.


Our BNY Mellon volunteers have enabled JAI to expand its reach in Ireland assuring a broader experience for students with a direct link to the working world, encouraging them to maximise the opportunities that their education provides.


Helen Raftery, Chief Executive Officer of JAI, said that "BNY Mellon volunteers have served as positive role models to more than 11,000 students across 100 schools spanning the country".

“BNY Mellon's voluntary efforts have enabled students to engage in activities, which help them plan for their future and give them a direct link to the working world.”

— Helen Raftery, Chief Executive Officer, JAI