Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs)

We have a full range of services to help growth-minded, professionally-managed advisory firms serving clients with complex lives.

The Custodian of Choice for Elite RIAs

As the leading custodian for elite advisory firms, BNY Mellon's Pershing Advisor Solutions is proud to call many of the largest RIA firms our clients. We are the premier provider of business and custodial solutions to professionally managed, growth-oriented wealth managers, family offices, money management and institutional firms that serve clients with complex financial lives.

Your Opportunities

Safeguard Assets

The Custodian of Choice

Part of the world's largest custodian in the world and part of the oldest continuously operating financial organization in the U.S.

The Custodian of Choice 2

Maintain the industry’s highest standards for liquidity, capitalization and transparency.

The Custodian of Choice 3

Trusted by the world’s most sophisticated financial services firms for clearing and custody.

Tools for Growth

Power Your Business 1

Exclusive access to extensive global resources and a broad suite of innovative wealth solutions and technologies.

Powering Your Business 2

Expertise and solutions tailored for high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth investors.

Powering Your Business 3

Sophisticated and comprehensive investment capabilities and financial services.

Focus on You

Invested in Your Success 1

A dedicated business-to-business organization built from the ground up.

Invested in Your Success 2

Business and custodial solutions designed for professionally managed, growth-oriented advisory firms.

Invested in Your Success 3

Unconflicted business model gives you access to the best people and practices across our enterprise.

Tailored Solutions

Wealth management solutions 1

Sophisticated solutions for growing, protecting, leveraging and transferring wealth, including private banking and insurance.

Wealth management solutions 2

Unique brokerage and bank custody solutions.

Wealth management solutions 3

Access to a wide range of managed account solutions and sophisticated wealth reporting.

Business consulting

Comprehensive business consulting 1

Comprehensive array of marketing and practice management resources.

Comprehensive business consulting 2

Disciplined and proven framework for action-oriented consulting.

Comprehensive business consulting 3

Technology expertise to help you manage your business in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

Our Thinking

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Building a Sustainable Advisory Business

Watch Mark Tibergien, Chief Executive Officer of Pershing Advisor Solutions, as he shares the key trends shaping the advisory industry today. You’ll discover the actions that top firms are taking to help ensure that they have a business built to last.

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Crossroads: Critical Decisions that Advance the Evolution of an Advisory Firm

Advisory firms encounter crossroads on their way to growth that shape their transformation. This paper can help firms decide which steps to take to grow and improve profitability.

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