Meeting Investor Needs

Providing investment managers with market insights and trends to influence new products, vehicles and offerings.

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Investor Expectations, Preferences and Goals are Changing

To meet those changing needs, investment managers often rely on market insights to influence new product offerings and investment vehicles. And BNY Mellon can help clients focus on that core competency.

Product Trends and Vehicles

Market trends, such as the shift from active to passive investing, have helped drive a record number of ETF launches as well as expanded offerings in the alternative space.




Active Managers Provide Value as Passive Managers Continue to Gain Flow

Active managers provide value as passive managers continue to gain flow. Learn the limitations of passive strategies and understand where active managers can add value.




The Future of ETFs

Learn what the future of ETFs will look like, and if we will look more towards active funds.

Generational Shifts and Preferences

Whether it’s Baby Boomers, Gen X or Millennials – one thing is certain: generational wealth is changing hands frequently and rapidly.




Generational Shifts: Reaching a Broader Segment of Investors

BNY Mellon’s Doug Magnolia provides his perspective on reaching the Mass Affluent, High Net Worth, and Ultra High Net Worth segments.


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Segmenting Future Investors

Find out what investors prefer in terms of information, services and technology.

Technology and Advice Delivery

Most clients want to access financial advice and account information on their terms, 24x7, with or without a human advisor — and these technological capabilities continue to shape financial services and offerings.




New Opportunities to Deliver Digital Wealth Advice

BNY Mellon's Doug Magnolia shares his insights on how to interact with financial advisors in a 24x7 mobile world when there’s no one-size-fits-all.

By the Numbers

Four hundered ninety two billion dollars

Amount that U.S. index funds received in 2016. Their active counterparts saw $204 billion moved out of those funds.1

Ninety percent

Amount projected to be generated by individual investors of all new money invested, with 10% coming from institutions, over the next few years.2

Eight trillion dollars

Amount that robo-advisors are expected to manage globally by 2020.3

1Larry, A., Where Investors Worldwide Are Placing Their Bets, Morningstar, March 2017

2The Roar of the Crowd: How Individual Investors Transform Competition in Asset Management, Casey Quirk by Deloitte, July 2016

3Business Insider, Robo-advisors have a $2 trillion opportunity in front of them, June 2016


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