Applying for Funding

Grant requests are reviewed and awarded throughout the year. All requests must demonstrate impact in either or both of the focus areas: workforce development or basic needs provision. Applications are accepted by invitation only.

To apply for funding consideration, please submit a two-to-three page Letter of Inquiry containing organizational background, a brief description of the program or project, who will benefit from the program, geographic areas served and the requested amount.

Letters of Inquiry and other general questions about the Charitable Giving Program can be directed to Please include the registered name of the nonprofit organization or charity, the registered number (if applicable) as well as the geographic location served in the subject line of all e-mail correspondence.

BNY Mellon Foundation provides funding throughout the U.S., except for southwestern Pennsylvania. BNY Mellon Foundation of Southwestern Pennsylvania supports the Pittsburgh region and southwestern Pennsylvania.

BNY Mellon also provides grants to charities and not for profit organizations local to where our International offices are located and grant requests should also be sent to


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