2013 Annual CSR Report

2013 CSR Report “Doing the right thing, the right way” has been part of our company ethos since our inception in 1784. In this age of global reset that is transforming the nature of business and economies, it is more important than ever for financial institutions to be trustworthy. Our clients are at the center of it all, and we win their trust by listening and understanding their needs and goals and helping them to connect to markets that are constantly evolving.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the foundation on which our business operates, enabling us to turn everyday transactions into impact that creates stability and growth worldwide. As one of the world’s leading financial services companies, we take advantage of our market leadership by acting as a catalyst for positive change.

Investing for Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Factors

We provide clients a variety of options for shaping their investment strategies around their environmental, social and governance related values. View Graphic

Operational Reliability

BNY Mellon plays an integral role in many of the transactions that keep the global economy running, and it is imperative that we operate reliably and effectively. We continually make enhancements in an effort to improve the reliability of our systems, benefiting our business as well as markets around the world. View Graphic

Providing Industry Leadership: Our CSR Strategy

Our CSR StrategyAt BNY Mellon, we want to build on our long and proud record of good citizenship by providing 21st century industry leadership on social responsibility. As an investments company, it is our business to understand where resources can have the greatest impact. We applied this thinking to our CSR strategy, identifying areas where we can foster positive change.

The result, vetted by internal and external stakeholders and approved by our CSR Council and Board of Directors, is our CSR framework. Invested in Market Integrity, Invested in Our People and Invested in Our World comprise the priority areas where BNY Mellon can make the greatest impact. Strong performance in each of these areas results in a positive material impact on our stakeholders and society and strengthens our company overall.

Read more about our CSR strategy, priorities and long-term goals.