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Trusting One Another

March 2016

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Earning Trust

Trust is built from the inside out. We earn one another’s trust through teamwork and going the extra mile to help one another succeed and deliver the best results for our clients.

From Our People’s Perspective

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“The quality of our people.” That’s the most frequent answer you’ll hear when you ask the people at BNY Mellon what they are most proud of.

Source: 2015 BNY Mellon Engagement Pulse Survey

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“I am willing to put in a great deal of extra effort to help the company succeed” — 89 percent favorable response

Source: 2015 BNY Mellon Engagement Pulse Survey

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“The people I work with are willing to help each other, even if that means doing something outside their usual activities” — 87 percent favorable response

Source: 2015 BNY Mellon Engagement Pulse Survey

Providing Help in Times of Need

Our most difficult challenges — catastrophic events like Hurricane Sandy in 2012 and the floods in Chennai — have taught us invaluable lessons about trusting in each other, supporting one another and being agile and resourceful so we can be prepared and apply what we’ve learned to avert or mitigate disasters.

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Gerald Hassell

“A company never wishes for crisis, but it’s inspiring to see that when tested, it’s our people who rise to the occasion — whether to work around the clock to ensure no disruption to our clients or by sharing their personal time and financial commitment to helping those communities touched by disaster – because of our people, BNY Mellon remains a strong and trusted partner to our clients communities.”

Gerald Hassell
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, BNY Mellon

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