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Trust: More Than a Word

March 2016


Our history spans more than 230 years and ups and downs, with plenty of lessons learned along the way.

Trust is earned every day. It means speaking out, standing up for what’s right and, sometimes, voicing an unpopular opinion. This is a role to which we remain committed. We earn trust as a dependable business partner, reliable client advisor, sound financial institution 1, trusted counterparty 2 and an attractive investment.

  • As the investments company for the world, we strive to do our best for clients.
  • As a designated global systemically important bank (G-SIB), we support stability in the global financial markets.
  • As one of the safest commercial banks in the world, we preserve public trust.

“After one particularly bad week in the market in August 2015, we received many calls from clients who were obviously concerned about the huge drop in the market. So over the weekend, we put together a two-hour conference call for the following Monday. That kind of effort speaks to our client orientation and what our people are willing to do. And our clients appreciated that we were on top of it. We had 1,900 clients participate, and many more listened to the recorded conference afterward.”

— Donald Heberle, CEO, Wealth Management

1 Company-Run Stress Test Results, Dodd-Frank Act Stress Test Results, March 11, 2015, (PDF - 520 KB)

2 Credit Ratings,