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March 2016

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Dedicated to Our Mission

Our history spans more than 230 years, with ups and downs, with plenty of lessons learned along the way.

Keeping us on track is our unwavering dedication to our mission to improve lives through investing. Clients trust us to help them find opportunities for growth and progress. And, through our work with clients, we help investors attain their personal goals and financial dreams.

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Trust is earned every day. It means speaking out, standing up for what’s right and, sometimes, voicing an unpopular opinion. This is a role to which we remain committed. We earn trust as a dependable business partner, reliable client advisor, sound financial institution*, trusted counterparty** and an attractive investment.

* Company-Run Stress Test Results (PDF - 520KB), Dodd-Frank Act Stress Test Results, March 11, 2015.
** Credit Ratings

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Monique R. Herena
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