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Rewarding "Intrapreneurship"

March 2016


At BNY Mellon, innovation and inclusion go hand in hand. Our global Innovation team wants ideas from every corner of our company. Programs like our annual A.C.E. (Accelerate, Collaborate and Execute) innovation competition bring out the best in BNY Mellon creativity and ingenuity.

A.C.E. is an internal competition, now in its third year, that encourages and rewards BNY Mellon people for thinking outside the box. The competition is open to all BNY Mellon people globally and is designed to inspire a start-up mentality.

As ideas advance through the competition, greater scrutiny is paid by our business, risk, strategy, finance and legal groups. Then it all comes down to the pitch. Competitors who reach the regional semifinal and final rounds present their ideas to BNY Mellon’s CEO, President and other Executive Committee members during a live telecast that our offices around the world can join. The winner gets the opportunity to incubate his or her idea full-time for eventual start-up. And if the idea is implemented, the winner shares a financial reward.

In addition to A.C.E., a variety of channels help our people voice their diverse perspectives and share ideas to sustain our culture of innovation. BNY Mellon’s MyIdea platform and Innovation Portal facilitate cross-border collaboration by enabling our people to submit ideas for input, evaluation and potential implementation. Our innovation jams, hackathons and open innovation forums also spark ideation, design thinking, scaling and implementation of new ways of working.

“The opportunity to develop a new product and bring it to market is the biggest reward for any employee. BNY Mellon has always been forward-looking and supportive of cultivating and incubating new ideas from its employees. People and teams working outside of an established business are able to bring a new perspective. The opportunity to work across all the teams in the organization was the best experience.”

— Selwyn Natarajan, Innovation Lab | A.C.E. Award Winner, Technology Business Analyst, Middle Office Outsourcing Business