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Looking Ahead and Leading the Way

March 2016

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Proud History of Firsts

From Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Mellon to today’s industry leaders, our people have shaped our storied past and are leading us into a promising future.


Who was Hamilton? Financial leader, respected New York lawyer, founder of our company... and that’s just for starters. What does his resurgence say about our times? 


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Our people are inspired by our beginnings and motivated by opportunities still to come.

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Blockchain. Bitcoins. Cryptocurrency. Pioneers at the intersection of finance and technology are creating a new language. These words describe how we're developing and using cutting-edge technology to transform payment systems and speed up how financial institutions do business. BNY Mellon is creating opportunities in this uncharted new world for the financial services industry.

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Monique R. Herena
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Monique R. Herena
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