Leadership is about having a vision, embracing change and inspiring people toward collective action. See how our people are pioneering progress.

Powering Investment Success


Offering Hedge Fund Investors a Better Approach

HedgeMark (a BNY Mellon company) is supporting institutional hedge fund investors with an industry-leading, award-winning Dedicated Managed Account (DMA) solution that also provides enhanced risk analytics and performance reporting capabilities.


Reinventing Real-Time Payments: A Modern Era

Our Treasury Services team puts the new world of global payments into perspective. Evolving client expectations and needs are driving innovation and change in the payments space. Financial services companies will need to make strategic shifts to serve clients well and compete against non-bank FinTechs.

Wealth Management Goes Agile, Mobile

Digitalization of our wealth management business is enabling our wealth advisors to deliver a distinctive and differentiated client experience.

Gerald Hassell

“Leadership is about having a vision for what is possible and inspiring and mobilizing people to get there. It’s about investing in and developing people to be the very best they can be and focus everyone on achieving a common goal. It takes tremendous courage to make changes necessary to realize the vision and mission. The key is to build the very best team, harness the collective wisdom of all people and hold everyone accountable for results. That’s what we do at BNY Mellon – we leverage our world-class talent and unique position in the financial marketplace to provide solutions that power investment success and improve the lives of countless people around the world every day.”

Gerald L. Hassell, Former Chairman and CEO


NEXENSM: Harnessing Technology

We launched the biggest technological transformation in our history with NEXENSM, our new open-source, cloud-based solutions platform. See how NEXEN is powering global investment success for the financial services industry.


Wealth Begins with Wellbeing


All “IN” for Better Health

We’re invested in our wellbeing, because achieving our full potential requires the whole being – physical, emotional, financial and social – to be in sync. When our people thrive, we all win.


Health + Wealth = Wellbeing

“Our definition of wellbeing is really that combination of physical, mental health, financial and social engagement.”

Judy Verhave
Head of Global Compensation and Benefits, BNY Mellon

Putting People First

“If you invest in good mental health support for your employees, they will repay it tenfold in productivity, loyalty and job satisfaction.”

The Lord Mayor Alderman at “Mental Health: The Market Place,” hosted by BNY Mellon’s London Innovation Center

Committed to Being the Best


Shaping Tomorrow's Leaders

BNY Mellon’s leadership training programs are a springboard to new career paths and professional opportunities. Through immersion, rotations and challenging assignments, we are preparing and positioning our people for success…now and in the future.

Today’s Ambitious Talent, Tomorrow’s Global Leaders

We’re investing in the next generation of talent, putting our future leaders on the path to success.

Great Managers Engage Employees

A new approach to management and leadership development is changing the way we help our people grow. We’re providing our managers with the learning experiences, practical skills and tools to effectively lead and develop their teams.

Honors and Accolades

2016 was a banner year for BNY Mellon and our people. We’re proud of how our leadership – as a company and as individuals – was recognized.

Hiring the Best and Brightest

Through a rigorous interview process, we seek out high potential and aim to hire top performers.

Shining Brightly to LEAD


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