Woman laughing with colleague

Winning Our Way

March 2016


Building a collaborative culture is a key to our success, giving all an opportunity to contribute whether serving clients directly or supporting colleagues who do. WOW (Winning Our Way) is our company-wide recognition program that serves to drive continued high performance.

Many BNY Mellon professionals use WOW to recognize each other for meaningful contributions and achievements and to encourage others to model and replicate these successful behaviors.*

  • 22,400 employees received one or more WOW awards in 2015.
  • Employees in 30 countries received awards in 2015.
  • Employees gave 26 percent of the awards to people outside of their own department — a testament to collaboration across the firm.

We celebrate employees’ tenure, dedication and commitment to BNY Mellon through a Service Appreciation Program. This program includes such benefits as receiving an extra day off, beginning at the five-year milestone; the opportunity to choose a 25-year milestone anniversary gift; and public recognition of employees’ milestone anniversaries by their managers and colleagues.**

“The ‘Winning Our Way’ [WOW] program aims to build a culture of appreciation and recognition. WOW gives our people the chance to recognize colleagues, whose behaviors help clients succeed, connect the dots, deliver excellence, manage risk and advance our strategic priorities. WOW also gives our people a clear sense of the behaviors that BNY Mellon values and helps them more strongly recognize the link between the important work they do and the aspirations of our clients and our firm.”

— Ferghal O’Hanlon, Head of International Control Management, Client Service Delivery

*Full- and part-time, benefited and non-benefited BNY Mellon employees may nominate and receive WOW awards with the exception of employees of non-participating Asset Management boutiques. The following boutiques are not participating in WOW: Alcentra, EACM Advisors, CenterSquare, Insight (other than employees in India), Mellon Capital Management Corporation (other than employees in India), Meriten, Newton (other than employees in India), Walter Scott & Partners, BNY Mellon Alocacao de Patrimo, ARX Investmentos, Pareto Investment Management and Standish. Temporary workers, contractors and employees of joint ventures are not eligible to participate in WOW.

**Employees in the following Asset Management businesses will not participate in the Service Appreciation Program: Alcentra, Insight, Mellon Capital Management Corporation, Newton and Walter Scott. Employees of joint ventures are not eligible to participate in the program.