The spirit of innovation is alive and well at BNY Mellon, sparking technology breakthroughs and digital solutions. See how our people are transforming the way we work today and the future of financial services.

Transforming Work


Reinvention in Singapore and Pittsburgh

Visit two of our newest Innovation Centers in the “Lion City” and “Steel City,” where we’re bringing FinTechs and clients together to create technology breakthroughs and digital solutions that are transforming the way we work today and the future of our industry.

Workplace Excellence Solution

As part of our Workplace Excellence (WE) Program, many of our people in Houston have adopted a flexible work arrangement that is enhancing their productivity, while boosting energy and resiliency.


a map of our innovation centers across the globe
Planet Innovation

Located in major market and financial hubs around the world, our Innovation Centers are changing the way we work, driving a nexus of collaboration to fuel and sustain innovation.

Igor Novgorodtsev

“We have an open work environment here that allows us to share creative ideas and pursue innovative solutions. Hierarchy is completely deemphasized, so we’re working side by side with people at all levels. It allows senior leadership to get a taste of what we’re accomplishing.”

Igor Novgorodtsev
Vice President at Jersey City Innovation Center

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Driving Transformation to Turn Challenges into Opportunities

Our world is alive with possibility. With foresight and imagination, we are digitalizing our business and shaping the future of finance.

Next-Level Technology


The Future of Money

The Internet of Everything has far-reaching implications for the financial services industry. Find out what Doug Shulman, Senior Executive Vice President and Global Head of Client Service Delivery, sees as the four essential components for any interconnected financial system to work.

The Rise of Robots

Robotic process automation is improving the way we work, enabling our people to focus on higher-value analytical tasks.

Technology & Treasury Strategy

Under pressure from a confluence of market forces, banks need to get their technology strategy right. Hear from Chris Mager, Head of Global Innovation for Treasury Services Global Product Management, on how technology can help treasury services and enable banks to deliver a real-time global payments experience for clients.

Fine Art and Modern Apps


The Art of Innovation

BNY Mellon’s expansive art collection is inspiring fresh perspectives, enlivening our workspaces and encouraging new ways to think about technology.

Photo credit: Firelei Báez, Dominican, b. 1981;
Memory Glutton, 2014
Acrylic and gouache on paper
Collection of BNY Mellon, image courtesy of the artist and Gallery Wendi Norris.

Brian Lang

“I am thankful to work for an organization that values culture and diversity and allows me to express that in a very real and tangible way through the collection.”

Brian Lang
Curator, Corporate Art Collection

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Mobile Keeps Us On-the-Go

With mobile-first technology, we’re making it easier for people to stay connected and access information — anywhere, anytime.

Shining Brightly to INNOVATE


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