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Global Innovation Centers

March 2016


Part collaboration catalyst, part laboratory, these centers empower our people to pursue applied research to leverage differences, challenge conventional thinking, experiment with new approaches and engage with emerging technology and tools.

Each of our innovation centers has a unique focus and purpose and enables us to co-create solutions with our clients.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Our newest innovation center opened in March 2016
Focus: Leverages technology and access to leading universities to address business and market challenges.

London, UK
Open November 2015
Focus: Educates and co-creates innovative solutions with clients and FinTech to solve market and client challenges and strengthen key relationships.
Innovation: Seventy-five meetings held to date to engage with and educate Investment Services clients and stakeholders.

Chennai, India
Open September 2014
Focus: Promotes and enhances BNY Mellon’s new technology ecosystem, NEXEN and data analytic tools to deliver superior solutions to the market, and to attract local talent.
Innovation: This innovation center developed Digital Pulse, an analytical tool that generates actionable insights to improve client retention. It also provides business visualizations and insights to help understand client behavior. In addition, the center developed the MyDashboard platform to promote the evidence-based management and service culture within the firm, and in 2015 won the Gartner Award for Best New Digital Product and the Intranet Innovation Award. LEARN MORE

Jersey City, New Jersey, U.S.
Open August 2014
Focus: Facilitates innovative collaboration between business and technology to develop market leading solutions.
Innovation: Multiple dimensions of our digital platform foundation, NEXEN, are being developed in Jersey City, including cloud-based infrastructure practices and new digital client experiences. Real-time Intraday Liquidity Monitoring system, called Liquid Plus, was developed here. Liquid Plus provides real-time, intraday liquidity insights across all BNY Mellon clearing channels. This empowers businesses to immediately act on critical market events and provides tools to manage risk (credit, liquidity, operational) across currencies and exchanges by consolidating cash operations.

Silicon Valley, California, U.S.
Open August 2014
Focus: As our premier research and development center, it leverages open source and emerging technologies for NEXEN and other identified business opportunities.
Innovation: Created NEXEN API store allowing discovery and registration to consume APIs along with an API tool that allows automatic protocol mediation from SOAP to REST; built GIT source code repository, a modern “community”-based code-sharing repository; and created the industry standard model for API authentication.

Pune, India
Open February 2014
Focus: Emphasizes global process optimization via new technologies, strategies and product enhancements.
Innovation: Used advanced analytics to help improve productivity.