Blue book

Dedicated to Lifelong Learning

March 2016


To meet the changing demands of our clients and the evolving career interests of our people requires a thoughtful and robust learning infrastructure. BNY Mellon delivered 1.1 million learning hours in 2015.

BKU is a catalyst for innovation and facilitates sharing of new technologies, technical resources and best practices with our people. The curriculum comprises courses on the global financial markets and specialized finance skills, as well as role-specific training and management and leadership development programs. To serve our people’s learning needs where they are and when they need them, we’ve developed learning paths that include a combination of on-demand courses, virtual classrooms and on-site learning experiences that incorporate networking and collaboration opportunities. Our faculty includes many of our own accomplished people, as well as some of the best external opinion leaders and subject matter experts.

BKU is fully integrated with talent and development to better serve our global businesses and business partner groups. This underscores our deep emphasis on building a world-class organization focused on employee development.

Our learning and education activities and opportunities are managed at the client level through respective talent and development leads, who collaborate across the organization to leverage relevant expertise, knowledge and best practices. This provides an integrated approach for all learning and development needs within a particular business area or business partner group. The result is a more holistic and unified experience for our people.

“One of the areas we, as a management team, think about is continual improvement and continual learning, which, culturally, I feel is very important in regards to leading by example. We’re always thinking about continually advancing and developing ourselves individually, as well as helping one another develop and improve our skill set.”

— Jonathan Mann, Business Executive, Asset Servicing