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March 2016

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In 2015, we proudly celebrated the grand opening of our new corporate headquarters in New York.

Through a modern, sophisticated and environmentally friendly design, we align our physical presence with our forward-looking mindset.

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We’re expanding our ability to collaborate, to tap into a broader, wider community of critical intellect, entrepreneurial thinkers and inventive problem-solvers. BNY Mellon social media is becoming a powerful channel for crowdsourcing and communicating with people interested in learning about our products and services, following our thought leadership, providing feedback and advocating for our brand. In addition, broader use of MySource Social, BNY Mellon’s internal online community and collaboration platform, brings important news to our people and provides a place for them to share ideas.

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BNY Mellon has an amazingly rich cultural heritage, from its 1784 founding by Alexander Hamilton as the oldest bank in the U.S., and T. Mellon and Sons' Bank opening in Pittsburgh in 1869 as the Mellon family’s business and predecessor to several hallmark companies. This history is reflected in the company’s corporate art collection.

William Bradford, American (1823-1892), The Kennebec River; Waiting for Wind and Tide, c. 1855
Oil on canvas, Collection of BNY Mellon

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