Three people walking down a hallway

Open Spaces

March 2016


In 2015, we proudly celebrated the grand opening of our new corporate headquarters in New York. Through a modern, sophisticated and environmentally friendly design, we align our physical presence with our forward-looking mindset.

Our headquarters building symbolizes our collaborative, outcome-driven culture. Its open spaces and sweeping views foster big-picture thinking, impromptu connections and organic teaming. Our innovation centers also support creativity and community. Spaces are designed to reenergize and open minds and spark uncommon connections that can lead to breakthroughs. Resources, tools, technologies and games are leveraged in our innovation centers to aid brainstorming, crowdsourcing, modeling, experimenting and other team experiences — a model we’ve replicated at other offices around the globe through our Workplace Excellence Program. For example, recent technology enabler Reserve Space empowers our people to leverage workstations, collaboration rooms and meeting spaces according to their needs.