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How Resource Groups Work

March 2016


For ambitious, talented people, BNY Mellon is a career launching pad, a chance to dream big and an opportunity to push past perceived boundaries.

Individual growth is possible here because of the support of great colleagues who are not only ambitious but who also place great value in winning as a team. Our team culture is most apparent in our employee resource groups. These resource groups bring people together on the basis of shared attributes, interests or experiences. They connect our people around the world, help them express and establish their unique value, provide leadership development and skill-building opportunities and offer a chance to shine on a global stage.

1 in 5 BNY Mellon people globally are members of one or more of our resource groups.

Members collaborate within their respective resource groups and across resource groups to intentionally transform themselves into business resource groups that deliver greater business impact. They complement an already rich learning and development environment by providing members with the opportunity to build new skills, flex their capabilities and gain leadership experiences outside their formal roles and daily responsibilities. Our resource groups also give members visibility across the company, which can lead to the chance to work on special projects and stretch assignments or challenging career moves within BNY Mellon.

“I was given the opportunity to serve as a leader of one of our business resource groups very early on in my career. The most appealing part of our company is its increased focus on diversity and inclusion, something I’m very passionate about, like many other Millennials. There is a great sense of empowerment knowing that my company is making great strides to connect with employees with varied experiences, promotes diversity of thought and experience regardless of age or background and values employees’ recommendations for change.”

— Lubna Lundy, Product Analyst, Pershing