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Leading Talent Transformation

March 2016


We apply the same rigor in managing talent as we do any other critical asset. In 2015, we identified the capabilities needed to win today and in the future.

To ensure the strength, depth and continuity of our leaders, we focused on assessing and developing these capabilities in our senior-level people. Not only does this establish shared leadership expectations and drive our high-performance culture, it’s an investment in our people and in our future business success.

Leading Talent Transformation

We’re changing the way we grow and support those who coach and empower our people. Managers serve one of the most important roles in our company, because they help people realize their professional goals and move along the path of career fulfillment. By helping managers transform from commanders to coaches, we’re helping them be more effective leaders and unlock their people’s potential. LEARN MORE

“We’re fundamentally changing how we think about managers. Rather than viewing them as instruments of control, we are challenging them to be coaches — using a broader mindset and skill set than the traditional manager role entails.”

— Gerald Hassell, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer