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We’re developing technology-driven business solutions in a variety of areas, including collateral management, retirement services, wealth management and loan servicing. We are also focused on helping clients meet challenges driven by regulatory changes such as the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), Target-2 Securities (T2S) and Alternative Investment Fund Manager Directive (AIFMD).


Trust Intermediated Lending in Japan

Regulatory change has increased demand for high-quality liquid assets globally and Japanese Government Bonds (JGB’s) had become an increasingly attractive asset class to broker dealers. However JGB’s held by many Japanese regional banks and insurance companies were not traditionally accessible to dealers seeking to borrow these bonds. Leveraging our global reach, product breadth and expertise, we developed an innovative solution via a Trust Intermediated Lending service. As a result, dealers were able to access assets previously unavailable to them, and banks were able to enhance the return on their JGB portfolios. Volumes are currently in excess of $15 billion and growing.


New Regulatory Compliance Solutions

A wave of global regulatory changes followed the 2008 financial crisis. Among them were the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), Target-2 Securities (T2S) and Alternative Investment fund Manager Directive (AIFMD). Our industry leadership position, product breath and deep understanding across various disciplines provided us with the necessary tools to deliver top-of-the-line regulatory compliance solutions to our clients.

Donor Advised Fund

Philanthropy is important to many of our Wealth Management clients - both as a personal goal as well as a valuable financial tool . We recognized that the process for making charitable gifts was challenging for many clients, especially given competing demands for their time. To support our clients’ philanthropic intentions, we sponsored the creation of the BNY Mellon Charitable Gift Fund. The fund received its IRS exemption letter in 2013. As an independent charity, gifts to the fund qualify for a tax deduction. This fund allows the convenient, flexible establishment and administration of individual donor-advised accounts, thereby taking much of the administration off the donors’ hands. Since its inception, the fund has received $14 million in charitable contributions and has made 355 individual grants on behalf of donors.

Automated Loan Documentation Process

Despite being one of the largest asset classes, the documentation process for loans remained intensely manual, long after “the Street” went electronic. This made the process burdensome, time consuming and prone to error. In 2015, we collaborated with Markit to introduce an innovative electronic solution that allows our investment management clients to benefit from improved efficiencies, reduced risk, and elimination of a bottleneck that previously slowed growth of the loan asset class.

Enhancing Intraday Liquidity Management

The need for real-time information has never been greater. Regulatory changes and the need for tighter controls have Treasurers focused on managing liquidity on an intraday basis.  We embraced this challenge and collaborated with our clients and regulatory experts to develop an innovative solution – Intraday Liquidity Analytics. A component of our TreasuryEdge platform, Intraday Liquidity Analytics provides the real-time information needed to effectively manage liquidity at a moment’s notice.

Supporting Global Trade

The level of trade between countries is continuing to rise, and many businesses have seen their share of overseas business grow exponentially. The need to manage the working capital and risks associated with such global trade has increased as well. Leveraging our long history in the trade business, we identified an opportunity to help our clients with this challenge. Partnering with Trade Technologies, we brought new, innovative technology to our clients to help streamline their processes and better manage their balance sheets.



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