Markets Focus

Markets Focus

Our Markets Focus

As the world’s leading global investments company, providing both investment services and investment management, we play a critical role in the structure and operation of the capital markets. Our ability to innovate reaches far beyond BNY Mellon and our clients to impact economies and participants all over the world by helping to provide stable, well-functioning markets that enable communities around the world to grow and thrive.


Founding Member of SWIFT

BNY Mellon was one of the original founding members of SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication). SWIFT is a member-owned network through which financial institutions communicate transactions with speed, certainty and confidence, subsequently facilitating economic growth worldwide. Today, we are joined by over 10,800 financial institutions in more than 200 countries.

Launch of First Money Market Funds

To seize a new opportunity and meet investor demand for an interest-bearing, short-term investment vehicle, we partnered with the Reserve Fund to launch the first money market fund in 1971. Shortly after, we added a family of funds of our own under the Dreyfus brand, and built one of the world’s leading fund servicing businesses. Today, we are developing innovative solutions to help money market fund clients navigate regulatory reforms.

Tri-party Repo

We launched the first tri-party trade in 1984, in partnership with Goldman Sachs, to provide the control, scale and flexibility demanded by the evolving needs of our broker-dealer clients. This also provided our cash investor clients with a new investment vehicle to diversify their options and enhance returns. The tri-party service continued to be enhanced to offer market participants a variety of sophisticated collateral management services and in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, we worked closely with regulators to further minimize risk.

The Internet & Beyond

As an innovative, client focused, technology-driven company, we embraced the internet early on. We recognized its potential in the financial markets and, in 1996, we were the first bank to transmit securities processing instructions via the web and later mobile platforms. This quickly became the industry standard. As part of our current technology strategy, we are constantly looking at new and innovative ways to conduct business by leveraging cloud technology to provide a consistent client experience.

Prime Custody

To make investment vision a reality, trades must be executed, securities cleared and settled, and results promptly reported, all with flawless precision. To help hedge funds fulfill their investment vision, we created Prime Custody to offer a strategic array of operational and liquidity services that can help hedge funds run like clockwork. We provide our clients with greater control, transparency and efficiency in managing your hedge fund portfolios.


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