Shingo Kunieda Completes Wheelchair Tennis
Grand Slam

September 2014

Shingo Kunieda of Japan, the world's top-ranked men's wheelchair tennis player, secured the men's wheelchair singles title at the U.S. Open in New York on September 8, capping a calendar Grand Slam in which he won all four major 2014 tennis titles.

"BNY Mellon has been one of Kunieda-san's sponsors for more than three years, and he continues to demonstrate why we believe so strongly in the value of diversity and inclusion," said Steve Lackey, Chairman of Asia Pacific.

In the U.S. Open final, Kunieda was taken to a tiebreaker in the opening set by Gustavo Fernandez, a 20-year-old rising star from Argentina who had upset No. 2 seed and defending champion Stéphane Houdet of France a few days earlier. But Kunieda's experience lifted him to a 7-0 victory in the tiebreak, and he won the second set, 6-4, to claim his fifth U.S. Open title.

Kunieda and Houdet teamed up to win the men's wheelchair doubles title Saturday, defeating No. 2 seeds Gordon Reid of Great Britain and Maikel Scheffers of The Netherlands. With the doubles title, Houdet also capped a calendar Grand Slam.

"Kunieda-san was only 9 years old when he became paralyzed, but he's refused to allow it to limit him in any way," Steve said. "His continued motivation to drive excellence and be the best in his field is a powerful lesson for all of us."


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