Pennington Innovation Center

Pennington Innovation Center

Cultivating clients’ capabilities through data excellence, elegant technology and consultative solutions.

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Our Focus

Empowering clients to manage their business, not their data.

The Pennington Innovation Center aggregates data from hundreds of sources to deliver data management, performance reporting, business intelligence, data analytics, business process solutions and sales practice monitoring to clients.

Robert Hehn


"I am excited to come to work every day at the Pennington Innovation Center because of our passionate team, the amazing solutions we create and the consultative nature of our relationships throughout this industry."

Robert Hehn
Head of the Pennington Innovation Center

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Our Process

Better understanding our clients in order to deliver valuable solutions.

Our human-centered approach to innovation involves open workspaces, field studies and client forums that allow us to become closely familiar with evolving challenges and employ Design Thinking methods to build targeted solutions.

Robert Hehn
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Robert Hehn
Head of the Pennington Innovation Center
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